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Forums - Sales Discussion - February 2017 NPD Thread! Nioh sales up!

yvanjean said:

PS4 - 450K+
Xbox - Just under 300K
WiiU - RIP (never sold more than 100K in February)



Why so high? 450k???????  300k???? ok, you just wanted to throw numbers out there right?

I wonder if people know that horizon's numbers or whatever influence it may have for the PS4 would be refelcted in the March NPD not february.....

Shadow1980 said:
The fact that we will probably never get any more numbers again makes these threads far less interesting. My charts feel so neglected...

never say never....

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I think the 3DS was the #1 handheld this month. Boutros, you should put this in the thread title.

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The thread title has "5 hours to go" for at least 2 hours now.
That's not how time works, Bouty.

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PS4 is the obvious winner. It's been beating XB1 by a large margin on Amazon. Amazon has been a mostly reliable indicator of sales.

I expect Xbox One to be up yoy, ps4 likely down yoy. 



I wonder if Nioh could be above Halo Wars 2