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Forums - Sales Discussion - Wii sales in America over 1/2 million in last 4 weeks

ioi's numbers are North American aka, they include Canada.


Also they typically seem to run about 10% high, even after accounting for Canada.


So USA NPD's will not make 500k. 

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Quantum-Tarantino said:

What Holiday season will the 360 see before August 1st?

Sorry. I don't know how I managed to misread it, then quoted it, then answer it, all without noticing I'd misread it in the first place. I'll tell you what I thought I'd read, m'kay?

"Nintendo would have to sell 400k a week in NA to pass 360 by the end of July in NA. Year-end is looking possible though."

Reality has a Nintendo bias.

I ran the numbers, best case scenario is that Wii sells between 7.4-8 million consoles in North America before Dec 31st. I can't see this being enough to surpass the 360's North American sales.

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Let's get real here. On this week's numbers, with an insane Wii sales rate and doubling the Xbox 360, it would take another 50 weeks to catch up in North America. Ok, plenty of stuff can happen. But getting ahead of Xbox in NA this year is extremely unlikely.

I think Wii has a chance to catch 360 this year in America. But obviously it won't catch it in July. I think JohnLucas is right about WW, though. Wii production is really clicking now, and 360 doesn't have as good a lineup as people claim until Halo drops. Great games, maybe, but one notable game a month which will stall below 2 million sales merely keeps a $400 system out of a Gamecube-esque basement. Without getting out of this ugly 300K/month WW trend its in until the last week of September, 360 IS a sitting duck, and Wii is poised to close the gap by over 1 million units a month.

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