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    Nintendo Wii app on Apple's website...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 August 2008

    The app is made by Riverfold Software. This has got nothing to do with Apple. ...

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    2008 Wii releases for the rest of the year (shovelware removed)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 July 2008

    What do you mean "shovelware removed"? Wii Music is still there....

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    Interview: Satoru Iwata Talks Wii MotionPlus, Supply/Demand & More

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2008

    famousringo said: Friend codes wouldn't bother me at all if I only needed to enter in one of them. It's the individual codes for every single game which take the system out of the realm of security and into absurdity. Why the hell would I trust somebody enough to play SSBB with them (not that I can actually get online to work with SSBB) but not Mario Kart? Because you may very well...

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    Nintendo Reply To Bushings Piracy Concerns

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2008

    vaio said: that letter is fake yes but the story is true he has been contacted by Nintendo. And you either already knew that, and purposely posted news about the fake Nintendo reply, or you didn't and are severely lacking in humility. Whether you were deceiving or just wrong, comments like "would you care sharing your wisdom on this one?" still fail....

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    Why I hope Wii motionplus isn't used in too many games.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 July 2008

    Euphoria14 said: Expansion pack for N64 was not a standard, not all games released afterwards used it. Only games I played that required it were Majoras Mask and RE2. Most future titles did not require it from what I know. And, perhaps more importantly, all titles that required it, required only one. Wii Sports Resort alone requires at least two for some serious fun at fencing....

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    Engadget: Nintendo MotionPlus Hands-on (hint, they are not impressed)

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2008

    TWRoO said: I don't know where all this about it being $30 came from.... does anyone have a link?I think alone it will be cheaper than the nunchuck, like $10-15 The MEMS gyroscopes used in the device used to cost around $30 in large quantities by the end of 2007. Invensense, the company behind this announcement seems to be working on hitting a target price of $10, which they believed...

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    Engadget: Nintendo MotionPlus Hands-on (hint, they are not impressed)

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2008

    Kenology said: Also, it'll comes packaged with Wii Sports Resort.  And honestly, I don't think $30 is all that bad for this accesory. And how many copies of that will you buy? Cause that's the real issue. I bought the Zapper with Zelda for €20 because I liked the game. I might buy this for the fencing alone for €30, but the thing is that I don't really want to do...

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    1:1 wiimote addon -FROM NINTENDO- coming e3 preview

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2008

    naznatips said: bugfix addon?  I'm not sure you understand what this is. Oh, I'm pretty sure I do. It does what the Wii-mote does, just a lot better (*). And it'd be perfect for the Wii2, as far as I'm concerned. But it's not a balance board, it's not new, just better. naznatips said: And if you haven't figured it out yet, much of the Wii's success is built on...

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    1:1 wiimote addon -FROM NINTENDO- coming e3 preview

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 July 2008

    I've bought every peripheral for the Wii so far, because I actually liked the games they came bundled with. But this is starting to look really, really silly.Yeah, I only have two remotes, but I don't need any more, as quite a few of my friends have Wii's and bring theirs when they come over. So I'm not going to replace mine, or buy more, or keep buying accessories for them unless them come with...

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    Nintendo floods the market with Wii?

    in Sales Discussion on 02 July 2008

    And that's MediaMarkt for you. They ship in big quantities, and their shipments fluctuate.When I was looking for my current 40" Samsung LCD, they had at the very least some 250 on display in one store (and quite a few more in the warehouse, since they specifically advised me not to take one of the boxes on display and instead take one from the warehouse, which I did). Incidentally, they hadn't a...

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    Wii alows playing directly from SD cards unitentionaly confirmed ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 June 2008

    Exblackman said: Please cite proof and the I again will take my words. When I say proof I mean an article from a decent source that say it PLAYS directly from the SD card. Well, I have a 1GB MJPEG file right here. Care to explain us how is the Wii able to play it, by first copying it to internal memory as you suggest? Get this: you're wrong. You've been wrong all along.  ...

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    Street Fighter 4 platforms confirmed: No Wii and DS

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2008

    Pffft... old news! Just look at the date: January 32, 2008....

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    Is ESRB really needed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2008

    Sure! How could you define mature gaming without the likes of the ESRB?...

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    Virtual Console TOP 20 Feature

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 March 2008

    TWRoO said: Do you know when it is updated? like is it a weekly thing (so would represent the best sellers for the week).My guess is weekly. But all you really have to do to find out is check it regularly.All I was suggesting was a thread be created, and some people committing to posting results every week, lets say at least 2 members for each region (for redundancy). Or maybe the group...

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    Virtual Console TOP 20 Feature

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2008

    Since the 3.0 Wii firmware update, a list of the 20 "most popular" games in the virtual console shows up in the Wii Shop Channel. Though there's no confirmation, it's suspected that popularity here means sales. This top 20 is by region: Japan, and North America being 2 regions, Europe being another, though I'm not sure whether Australia is included in this region or not. The list is...

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    LOLOLOL - (from SPM) is a real site...sort of XD

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2008

    Soriku said:Francis in SPM referenced the site in the game. Nintendo played a joke on us and made it an actual site instead of just a joke :-) No, if it is Nintendo, they just made sure no one else got the domain to post pr0n there, which is smart. ...

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    Why don't they make every ds game 3d.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 March 2008

    All consoles are clearly capable of doing 2D. Why don't they make more 2D games for them? :-( ...

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    Is it Worth it to buy the Wii Component Cables?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2008

    Definitely worth it. If you're on a limbo, get some cheap ones, as they'll do fine. Even if you find you don't like the extra sharpness of progressive input, you'll still get better colors as a side effect. Then, just try all the different modes (both 480i/p [i]and[/i] 576i) and see what you like best. For me it's definitely 480p, but I can see some liking 576i better....

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    Why you wouldn`t buy PS3 for 299$ or 199$?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2008

    Because as a Bluray player it doesn't fit my needs, and paying €200 for a 5-year-old game console is just lame. When a decent Bluray player (at least: a stable profile, 1080i HDMI and 6-ch analog out) hits the street at €200 or less, I'll likely jump in (assuming that it is a clearly viable format by then)....

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    The Death of HD-DVD and Why Microsoft is Dying

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 February 2008

    Slimebeast said: Hey Diomedes, what's up in Portugal?Hey you! Don't you associate that guy with Portugal now! ...

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