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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Some games I want on Switch

Every first party title I havent bought yet on WiiU minus Zelda BotW.


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barneystinson69 said:

I'll bet $5 not a single one of these games will appear for the console.

Not even Art of Balance or Pokken?

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Honestly a nice list you have there.

Final Fantasy XV isn't happening though. Not because I think it is impossible, I think MAYBE they could get it to work. But they don't WANT to get it to work. Not because of Nintendo, but because of the Luminous Engine. That engine has been a source of constant headaches for Square, I imagine by now they thoroughly hate that engine. They want to finish their obligations to FFXV and leave that engine behind never to return.

Final Fantasy VII is much more plausible, but the Sony entanglements could be an issue there. But I could see Square wanting it because they know wherever this is released it will essentially print money.

And I agree, Pokken Tournament with all the new arcade content and some new Switch content makes a lot of sense.

RE4, Overwatch, Doom. Good list!

Looking forward to playing Star Fox Assault when it comes around. Never got to play it on the Cube.

I want the switch 1-2 mini games (and more games of that type) to be added to the biggest mario party game ever. I also want a port of the biggest WiiU games I missed out on like Pikmin 4. I also cant see any reason why some Wii games cant work on the Switch with the 2 controllers and the gyroscope, one joycon as the wii mote and the other as the nunchuck so give me Skyward Sword HD and Mario Galaxy HD collection as well, oh and loads of Metroid HD games.

Take my money Nintendo - just give me a reason.

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There are so many games that could come to the Switch. The Danganrompa games, Stein's Gate, the Zero Time Trilogy, the inevitable Fallout 3 and NV HD remaster, Persona 4 Golden (and maybe the previous ones too), GTA V, Digimon Cyber Sleuth...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Mystro-Sama said:
Why isn't Undertale on consoles though? I mean its not that demanding or anything. I really want to play it. Everyone has been saying its the amazing.

I would bet it comes to consoles at one point. Most big indies get a port eventually.
Prison Architect, Stardew Valley, Divinity Original Sin, Minecraft, Terraria, Slender, Outlast, Ark etc. etc.

Why is there no Upcoming games? lol.

The Switch is a Retro gaming console.

barneystinson69 said:

I'll bet $5 not a single one of these games will appear for the console.

Capcom puts Resident Evil 4 on basically everything though.

fleischr said:

Just a list of all the ports I want on Switch that I think are feasible. If I only get half of them - I'd be extremely happy. Nearly all of these are available on other platforms - they're just all games that would have some advantage to Switch version existing.


Super Russian Roullette - maybe

Resident Evil 4 - very likely that it will come

Undertale - probably not

Final Fantasy XV and VII:R - not gonna happen for 15, 7:R a chance of 5%

Art of Balance - very likely

Pokken Tournament - will happen

Overwatch - maybe

Doom - not gonna happen

Shantae Collection - maybe? A sequel will happen

No More Heroes 1&2 remaster maybe? A sequel will happen

Red Steel 2 remaster - not gonna happen

House of Dead / Time Crisis / Sin and Punishment - maybe

Assassin's Creed - maybe

There ya go :3

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