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fleischr said:

Just a list of all the ports I want on Switch that I think are feasible. If I only get half of them - I'd be extremely happy. Nearly all of these are available on other platforms - they're just all games that would have some advantage to Switch version existing.


Super Russian Roullette - maybe

Resident Evil 4 - very likely that it will come

Undertale - probably not

Final Fantasy XV and VII:R - not gonna happen for 15, 7:R a chance of 5%

Art of Balance - very likely

Pokken Tournament - will happen

Overwatch - maybe

Doom - not gonna happen

Shantae Collection - maybe? A sequel will happen

No More Heroes 1&2 remaster maybe? A sequel will happen

Red Steel 2 remaster - not gonna happen

House of Dead / Time Crisis / Sin and Punishment - maybe

Assassin's Creed - maybe

There ya go :3

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