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Oh, hell, I wanted to sell my new3DS for the Switch. Goddammit.

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people seem to think that supporting your platforms is a bad thing, the game is on switch and on 3ds, fire emblem warriors is NOT a system seller so I don't see the problem with the game on both systems, Obviously, the switch version looks miles better. The Fire Emblem for Switch is coming in 2018.

Tharja O_O

If I cared about Fire Emblem I'd probably be excited for this. It looks pretty sick

Bandorr said:
Acevil said:

New 3DS

Fair, ill correct and re-ask.

How was hyrule warriors on the new 3ds XL?

Played fine as far as I was concrened.  Good number of enemies on-screen.  Decent framerate,  plenty of content, and switching characters mid-stage made it easier to manage the battlefield.

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But I am liking the art style of this! And how there is soooo many characters!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

This is a really detailed mobile direct

Good for 3DS owners that don't want a Switch.

I don't understand why Nintendo would do this though, it's time to let the 3DS die.

Switch games must be exclusives.

Echoes for 3DS is great, it makes sense too, but Warriors?

That moment a mobile game is getting more screen time than the console/handheld ones


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With microtransactions, hopefully the game is free to play

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