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Best Game Title for Trump

Trumped 6 25.00%
Grab 'Em By The P*ssy (NSFW game) 11 45.83%
The Secret of the Small Hands 2 8.33%
Me Gusta Trumpo 2 8.33%
Allahu Akbar 3 12.50%

The title more or less explains it. If a video game was based on Donald Trump, what would the game be? In other words, would he be the protagonist or antagonist? Would it be about assassinating him? Would it be about a dystopia that he caused? What would be the details of the story? And so on.

For me personally, I would love to see a Temple Run type game where a Mexican runs from the deportation force.

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

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I'd actually enjoy a teltale game. Donald Trump: A life story! Oh that would be fun to go through. And there should be a button which prompts him to say, "Your fired!". XD

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You would have to impress him so he gives you permission to make sweet love to Ivanka

Or maybe the game should just be all about her instead

Already been made. It is called Mr. President.

You play as a bodyguard that defends Donald Trump.

The background is hilarious. The gameplay is neat. And the way he dies is fairly hilarious.

Plus it has little slogans for when you fail or succeed.

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)

My ideal Trump game was already created, it's called Papers Please.

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Metal Wolf Chaos thread : D

The Sons of Solidus, the game where you use your exoskeleton tentacles to grab SJW's and break their necks and with help from Otacon/J. Assange, you take down/expose the corrupt media ..... so satisfying.

Madworld on Wii but in color and every enemy is a variation on Trump.

You Play as Donold Trump as a Commando and you have to go across the globe from country to country invading them. You win when you conquer the globe.

Command and conquer : Trump edition.

It just make Angry Trumps. Have three trumps, one age 21, 41, and 61. Then fling them at various towers trying to knock them down. To beat the game you have to beat an actual tower, trump tower.

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Trump... the trials and tribulations of a silver spooned bigot who's female groping ways and racists viewpoints revitalized the entire KKK nation and won the election.