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Hollywood, this is your fault.  Hollywood and the media that had the gall to think the whole of America thought and acted like them.  All these celebrities that did not feel the pressure of financial woes, but acted like the presidency was as important to them as it was for those waiting for a job.  These celebrities that live lavish lives that like to tweet and instagram all their fortunes then act like most of America thought this way. 

I was watching the DailyShow live coverage and all the jokes were anti-Trump.  It was indicative of how ass backwards the media is about the rest of America.  If you didn't vote Hillary you must be an idiot hick.  They use reverse racism, bigoted jokes aimed at states who are red, and then act like it was just a joke and not a shade at these people.  How the hell are you going to have Jay Z perform at your rally with his songs uncensored and he's throwing N-words and F-bombs all throughout and still be so concerned with what crazy shit Donald says around your children?  So ass backwards. 

So damn cocky.  So damn over confident that Hillary was going to beat Trump like she's not a damaged vehicle.  The media plays Hillary as this great public supporter when she's damaged goods.  "I'm with her", what the fuck kind rallying cry is that.  It means nothing.  At least "make America great again" has a message. 

The media created Barrack Obama.  The media heralded this guy as the change we all needed.  He was the guy to make health care cheap and affordable.  He was the guy to unite all of america and erase racial tension.  And all throughout his 8 years, he's been nothing but good at his job.  But where is Obama's Legacy, now?  He was a cool guy that everyone like and all the celebrities were his friend.  He was great buds with Key and Peele and he's had some great skits.  That's his legacy now.  Being the cool guy everyone liked.  His real legacy is a government controlled by the republicans.  By January 21, 2017, Obamacare is gone.  Progressive movement is gone.  Eight years of his term is gone.  The united states is divided and racial tension is in an all time high.  ISIS and attacks all around the US.  That's Obama's legacy.  And it's all your fault Hollywood.  Because you thought you knew everything and thought everyone was like you.  Great job, you did this Hollywood.

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Uh-huh. People have completely abandoned progressivism, which is why Hillary got more votes than Trump and Democrats have won the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections.

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Thanks Obama?!

I thought it went out of style.

Jeezus, whose fault ISN'T Trump's election at this point? I've seen more fingers pointed than I can count in the last 24 hours.

Stop whining about "Hollywood". The Republican party is just as eager to trot out celebrities as anyone else. They had an actor I don't even know speak at the RNC this year. Stop looking for scapegoats.

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The Democrats are to blame for their own stupidity.

Yeah.. and that bit where Clint Eastwood was screaming at a empty chair never happened.

pokoko said:
Stop whining about "Hollywood". The Republican party is just as eager to trot out celebrities as anyone else. They had an actor I don't even know speak at the RNC this year. Stop looking for scapegoats.

You know what's funny?  I can easily write about how it was the republican's fault if Hillary had won.  This thread could have easily gone "Republican's, look what you've done."  And then it would list a few of the things the republicans did that made hillary win.  I'm really not placing a scapegoat.  I'm just trying to make a point that is valid enough or something that could be discussed.   In my opinion, the way things are is because of small things that happened to get us here.  At least for this thread, I wanna place "Hollywood" as the central theme.  I guess I'm trying to say I don't try to lean to either side.  I believe in South Park when they say it's either a Turd Sandwich or a Douche.  This time I think the Douche won.  Here is my rebuttal:

Yes, true the Reps could have easily trot out their celebrities, but it wouldn't have been as impactful as the ones voting democrat.  Robert Downey jr. vs Charles in charge.  We can say that the overall side of Hollywood was with democrats and they told their fans to do the same.  Look at all the twitter feeds of all the celebrities who took Hillary's side.  While I'm sure Trump had his own celebrity backers, the Hillary community far outnumbered Trump.  By number and quality.  I'm sure Tom hanks is a trump guy.  They voiced it throughout all other media and made it a scare tactic if Trump won.  Instead, they were overconfident and assumed that the worst could never happen.  They made the same mistake the GOP made when Trump came on to the scene.  That was another blunder.  They couldn't see how far a reach Trump truly had and the competence he kept hidden under his crazy ass tirades.

So Hollywood told people not to vote for the guy and people went off and did it to prove a point? Yeah fuck Hollywood, they are clearly idiots.

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bunchanumbers said:
Yeah.. and that bit where Clint Eastwood was screaming at a empty chair never happened.

Didn't see it, but I wouldn't doubt it. 

Yeah, Reps had celebrities too, but I just argue that democrats had more in number and by quality.  I used Robert downey vs Charels in charge in another post here.  I think because the pro hillary celebs put it out there that she was a competent and trustworthy individual back fired on them.  Middle America took notice and said, nope, I can see through fear mongering.  Specially if Celebs were trying to get Hillary over.  Now I know I smell some bullshit being offered to me.