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Did anyone see the new episode of The Walking Dead?

I rarely make threads about TV shows, but this has to be the most disturbing thing Ive seen in a long time. I never thought they would go as far as they did with this episode. 

I was always a fan of TWD, but this episode just made me care for the characters more than I ever have. It really goes to show how much better TV shows have gotten over the past ten years. They have far surpassed movies imo.

Just want to see what other people thought of it.

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Fuckin' Jesus Christ, what a tormenting episode that was. I need a stiff drink.


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It was only the 1st episode and I am already so CRUSHED.


Why did my China man have to die?! DX And if Carl did lose his arm, I would have lost it.



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I haven't seen the episode yet, but the script was leaked in advance and I just had to read it. So I spoiled it for myself.

That Sophie's choice moment. For me that was the most harrowing scene of them all.


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It was fantastic. The way Negan broke down Rick to a sobbing minion was depressing as all hell but I still enjoyed it. Definitely caught me by surprised when...


The death of glenn caught me by surprised, although I had read the comic book and always kinda knew it was gonna be him. The bait-and-switch with the daryl sucker punch was pretty dirty but still worth to see issue 100 brought to life. Gonna be interesting to see Daryl interact with the savior, I wonder if he will slowly become brainwash or something. Also, suck my nuts forever Abraham, suck my nuts :(

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I saw it and man it was brutal but it was done/performed perfectly.

Amazing and yet depressing start of the new season. Wonder how the rest of the season till the finale will hold up.


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I think I stopped breathing for a few minutes!!

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I tell you what is interesting; watching reactions to the first episode on Youtube. I've watched 5 so far and everyone one of them have left off the most harrowing scene at the end when Rick is told to cut his son's arm off. It shows me that only violence and gore is what shakes people now and more cerebral dread or foreboding doesn't cut it. We're supposed to be inside Rick's head at that moment, faced with the absolute truth of the situation and feeling the inevitability of that final blow. We finally see Rick dismantled before the very people he has lead throughout the whole series, a strong man reduced to a wretched man. An absolutely stunning scene overlooked for two scenes of overt violence.


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Great episode, but I really didn't like that the second death happened.  Negan's an awesome villain though.