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I'm a maybe, I will have to see if I can find 50 games I like.


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Sign me up.

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Rip Smeags.
Count me in. My Top 20 games will be easy, after that it will be hard.

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Count me in I suppose. I think I'll be able to put together a list of 50 games. Putting them in order is going to be difficult though.

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Sign me up please

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I'm in!
Gotta think about what games for a bit though.


I would love share my list.

Slarvax said:
Rip Smeags.
Count me in. My Top 20 games will be easy, after that it will be hard.

Yeah the closer you get to 50 the tougher it gets to rank everything.

Also, thank you everyone that has signed up so far :D. I won't be around much tomorrow but I will respond to questions and update the OP when I get back.

Ill sign up!

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