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SpokenTruth said:

Most relevant song of the moment.

Eminem - Untouchable.

This video....It kinda hit me....Personal experience....I've had some interesting encounters with cops over the years. Many. I have been screwed a few times, once very badly, but generally it's been positive. This makes me think of one time 2 cops had guns drawn on me, screaming, "throw down your weapon!" and I refused, because I didn't want to have to wash it. I slowly turned, and raised my hands, holding the weapon between my thumb and index finger, prompting the officers to take it from me. Which they did. No taser. They didn't even take me down, or get physical. At all. It's a whole thing. Tough to detail outside of a book chapter.

could detail the whole encounter, in explicit detail, but suffice it to say, I was quite confident in my ability to negotiate my way out of having to wash my weapon, while avoiding being shot to death, and I was successful. I wasn't even close to thinking about racial disparity at the time, only drawing upon past experience, and my desire to not have to wash my weapon.

But any time I actually think about it in comparison to the worst case scenarios in the U.S., or even here in Canada, it really puts things into perspective. I'm definitely a white boy.👦 In Canada, especially in my part of the country, it's Native Canadians who struggle in very similar ways to the African American population in America. I hate posting about shit like this, and only usually engage in important topics in person, in conversation. So I take some comfort in knowing that this post will be buried in a music thread.

I do have a fair amount of experience with police as white man though, mostly in my 20's, but the incident here happened at that most tempestuous of ages, 38. I hate to say it, but like the song says, it's embarrassing. I mean, throughout human history, racism, tribalism,'s always there, from every angle, and from all people...but these cops are European, like me, and it's fucking embarrassing. Again.

Chinese food for breakfast


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Songs on the themes of loneliness and wandering - not that I'm lonely, I just like the theme of it =P

1990s - Mansun was a big drug fueled band, I'd be suspicious of any songs they did that were not about drugs. It's kind of interesting how there's a vampire theme here, because it's kind of a metaphor for all the things of morning and the return to normalcy that kind of kills the true personality and replaces it with one of routine.

2000s - she hates the loneliness, but I love this song. Although, I'm pretty sure the "left outside alone" thing isn't a literal thing, more of a metaphor. While Mansun and The Weeknd (below this song) can easily have a more literal interpretation.

The Weeknd reminds me more of myself back in my teen years, wandering the streets looking for drugs and alcohol and having weird adventures and not worrying about danger. He's alone, and loves it, fears the sunlight because it means the night's over and the judgment will be back on. I think this song hits the "vampire" theme I spoke about earlier. The Weeknd becomes anxious about the rising of the sun and the end of the night. I remember that feeling... Walking home, drunk/high with the sunlight in my eyes. Especially this time of year when it comes up so damn early but those short nights are so damn great from dusk til dawn. I love the early summer... in a way, the shortness of the nights is a little better, because by the end of the summer and the far longer nights we're knocking ourselves out...

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I'm going through the whole series again, currently in 1993, so many feelings.

You tube has messed with it since last time I went through it, some tracks are scrubbed (silence), some videos are now entirely blocked, commercials pop up randomly in between (not very often luckily). I have some of them downloaded on my ps3, I should copy them some time.


Hmm, pie.

Pioneers of Finnish grime scene and their new tech house single. There should be a videogame about these crazy guys.

ps first post ever! Hi to everyone!

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I don't know if I've posted this before, don't think so, but I'll do it anyways. 

Favorite song of all time. Relistening to a track over and over again all the time can make it hard to replicate the same feelings with each listen. And admittedly if you listen to it as much as I do the 2nd quarter of the song becomes a tad repetitive. But the second half just makes my legs into jelly, every single time. If the first half is 10/10, then everything from 3:48 onwards is 12/10, absolutely the best stuff ever. Also the last few lines, just good shit. 

If there was a song to sum up the "Who hurt you" meme to me, this would be it. 

One of my favourite songs of all-time:

And on that note, here's another great song from Japan, from my favourite black metal album:


Some Lily Allen.

Smile aged well due to its uniqueness and excellent production.

22, I love the cheeky sarcasm. She claims she wasn't trying to be mean to all women in that category, but Lily was careful about her words. The song is about one particular woman who went unnamed. In the context of the album and Lily Allen's body of work, I think it works as a song that's just meant to be cruel =P

The Fear, another song filled with sarcastic irony. This one'e my personal favourite.

This one is great too, and this video works REALLY well with the song (There was an old demo video she made which is quite a bit different).

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I have a playlist that I listen to every day, though it changes from time to time. It has a good mix of Thrash, Death, Doom, and Melodic Death Metal...

However my current favorite song from it is Heathen "The Blight"! They haven't made a new album in 10 years, so I'm especially excited for the new one called... Empire of the Blind out September 28th!

I f*****g love this

The eventuality of an anomaly