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In honor of the Tony Hawk announcement today! 

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I've been on a huge AC/DC kick. Friggin' huge. Mostly Bon Scott era, which is all before my time. I've discovered more and more of it throughout the years.

Youtube often doesn't do these old recordings any favors, and I usually only listen to them on HQ CD rips, ( I buy them for collection ), or on Spotify, which has some really good sound mixes imo. If I had a nickle for every time I didn't upload an old AC/DC song to this thread from Youtube due to middling quality, I'd have a pot of nickle soup.

Chinese food for breakfast


A close second behind Superman was this tune.

From Kat Bjelland - lead singer of Babes in Toyland - she was one of the architects of the grunge style of music and good friends with Kurt Cobain and frienemies with Courtney Love (they had a band together in the 1980s with L7's Jennifer Finch); Kat has accused Courtney of ripping off her persona.

No doubt Kat's a genius, but this song came out right before her diagnosis of schizophrenia... so a bit of a mad genius.

If you're not familiar with Babes in Toyland, This is their breakthrough hit Bruise Violet. The subject of the song is Courtney Love, who had a song called Violet that would later appear on the Hole album Live Through This; even though Bruise Violet came out years before 1994's Live Through This, Violet is a much older song, Hole had been playing it since mid-1991.

This is one of their later songs, more radio friendly.

And here's Hole's Violet for reference. Also a great song, IMO

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Chinese food for breakfast


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I've been on a Bjork kick lately.  Here are 3 that just take your some place else.



Play Dead - Paul Okenfold mix.  This version is hard to come by and I'd love a better upload.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

Another great album by these guys. How they remained off the radar for a couple years is beyond me...