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Forums - Music Discussion - What are you listening to right now

I’m currently listening to this woman FaceTime in the middle of Starbucks. It’s truly riveting.

Around the Network avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Dragon Ball Z - Mind Power, Go to 0:31 mark read. Song is amazing

Young Bae - You Got me, My style of music in this thread really oozing with everything I post here.

On sort of a stoner/groove metal and funk/bluesey rock kick lately. Volbeat's Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies, a lil Nathanial Rateliff, lil Primus. But at the forefront of this is Clutch. Man, where have these guys been all my life. I had already been into the songs X-Ray Visions and Gimme the Keys for years, but little did I know these guys have an extensive library dating back to the mid '90s.

And after years of delving into some particularly weird, obscure stuff like Babymetal, Trollfest, Meshuggah, and dark Synthwave music (which I'm still way into), it's refreshing just to hear a modern, straight up face-melting American hard rock band with some crunchy, catchy riffs and soulful vocals. Kinda takes me back to when I was first getting into modern rock of the early 2000s, with a 70s hard rock and bluesey tinge. Reminds me a lot of classic Sabbath (at least the riffing) which I love.

Their latest album Sunrise on Slaughter Beach slaps. But this is a favorite of mine I'm listening to now: 

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