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First new Green Carnation material in 14 years!

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Eternal Atake

This part of lyrics makes me teary:

When it feels like there's nothing
Worth living for
Everything is broken
The light's not there anymore
And the story
Takes an unexpected turn
A friend is suddenly gone
We can cry our lives away
But if they were here
They'd say
"Go forward
You must keep moving on"

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Been very into synthwave lately. Good music to write to, especially when writing about games! Since it very much has an 80s/early 90s retro game vibe, helps set the mood.


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Siyeon and Younha queens of vocals.

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Just different versions of the same song repackaged...

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RV babies are strangely cute here. I dig it.

I miss this duo a lot. They literally came, dropped this bop, and went like a fart in the wind.

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