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Got this game free with ps plus. I'm about 40% complete.  The game reminds me of some really old school medieval games with a little tomb raider mechanics.  It's like a simpler God of war.  Decent graphics for the ps3 and after getting to grips with the controller it's enjoyable to play.  


Has anyone ever played this?  Did you like it?  Why or why not? 

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I have it on 360 and hear good things about. Its on my backlog for now.

You tagged the Wii version for this thread, that's apparently a completely different game than PS360 version.

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I've platinumed the game, got the steelbook edition back in 2010 for 18 Euros. I wasn't expecting much but in the end I liked it quite a bit, it's a fun game.

Price of Persia lol

it is not as enjoyable as the first 3

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The Sands of Time is the best, all others are passable if you ask me.

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I've played the Wii version completely, it's great to be honest. I really liked it. Amazing graphics for a Wii.

gintama said:
it is not as enjoyable as the first 3

The first 3 must be pretty good then.  


@BasilZero interesting info that.  Never new they did many versions. 

Have you played The Sands of Time? How does it compare, in your experience? PoP 2009(8?) Soured me to the series, so I didn't even consider picking up the Forgotten Sands.

The Wii version is honestly great, I thought, for a Wii.
The DS version is decent, too. Its use of stylus is interesting in pick pocketing.