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Forums - PC Discussion - How many games you have on Steam?

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Farsala said:
Farsala said:
15 games, most gifts or free games.

Dota 2 highest played at 113 hours.

My oldest game on this account was purchased on 10/10/2010 :).

Still 15 games, though I didn't realize that some of those games are the same game, so technically 12 games.

Crusader Kings 2 surpassed Dota 2 as most played at 155 hours.

Making moves! Now I have 24 games, but 5 of them are the same game, so now 19 games. 7 whole new games!

Crusader Kings 2 now at 315 hours, Crusader Kings 3 joins the fray at 100 hours.

Passed my 10 year anniversary :).

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Nettles said:

52 i think, around 30 on GoG.
These days i only buy stuff i really want to play, got far too much stuff i've wasted money on only to spend 5 minutes playing and lose interest.

You can also get the free games, you know.

Right now Prison Architect is free at GOG, and Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition is free at Steam.

Please excuse my bad English.

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960 games,760 played.

14 years on the platform

BasilZero said:

I know this is a old post but still relevant because I didnt reply to it lol

I'm not gonna reach Conina on number of Steam games - he gets more games than I do :(!

Anyways here's my count

If we count owned and wishlisted games together, you have more than me.

I do plan on getting more games on steam in 2021 as well as DLC for pre existing games on my library. just that most the games on my wishlist will have make get a better graphics card,

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I got a total of 230 games, 139 DLCs, couldnt tell ya what how many games I have finished though.

Now 504 games on steam! as an update for all

I've got 40 games in 12 years on the platform. All bought at heavy discounts.

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Conina said:

Well, it's time for another update:

300 Steam games more than last year (and hundreds of new games in the Epic Store +

Average completition rate has gone up from 51% to 55%.

A lot less than I would if Gamepass didn't exist.