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I've been thinking about switching, but am worried about going over my data cap that my Internet provider has.

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its surprisingly successful despite only offered in the US and few places

Sony is doing an awesome job with Vue. With Android and Roku joining the mix things just keep looking better. They are working tirelessly with local broadcasters to bring regional sports and local channels to the service as fast as possible, and that will greatly help their cause.

It is awesome to see Vue commercials on ESPN, Comedy Central, and countless other channels. They are definitly all in on this, and I am very excited for the future of this service.

I just wish that Music Unlimited would have been kept alive as PlayStation Music under this new managment. MU was supiroir to Spotify in every way. Hopefully Vue will not suffer the tragic fate of MU and end up being the best TV service that never made it.

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I don't get it. I pay like 50 bucks a month for TV. I get more channels, on demand, DVR and I can stream live on my tablet and phone. I get live sports... everything. I don't see the point in online streaming. Maybe when it's to the point where you can choose exactly which channels you want and pay per... then it will make sense but right now, broadcast TV is still easier to use and superior by miles.