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    Why have the Avatar sequels taken so long to release?

    in Movies Discussion on 19 January 2018

    Isn't avatar just basically a newer and CGI version of Fern Gully? ...

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    PS4-upgraders: how much did the upgrade to PS4 Pro cost you?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 December 2016

    I essentially paid $20 to upgrade to my PS4 pro. I price matched the $340 price from amazon to bestbuy. I then had $100 in gift cards that I had accumulated from trade ins, used a $15 rewards certificate, and then used the $25 off $100 visa checkout promo they had. I then sold my old PS4 to a friend for $200. Seemed like a great deal to me, I essentially just paid the tax on the whole thing....

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    PS Vue: 100k subs and counting

    in Sony Discussion on 01 July 2016

    I've been thinking about switching, but am worried about going over my data cap that my Internet provider has....

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 30 June 2016

    Woo. Debuted at 88 for 2016, and 113 overall. Don't know if I'll be able to climb the rankings very far. Thanks for keeping this going over the years Arcturus....

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    A game entry or entries you didn't like in a franchise you generally love

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 June 2016

    I would say Uncharted 3. Its the only Uncharted that I haven't ever finished. I beat the first and second 3 times including the original games on PS3 and the remaster collection on PS4. I am currently about 90% of the way through 3 right now and will probably finish it. I would say that it doesn't feel like an uncharted game. ...

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2016

    I would like to rejoin the league. I've been off and on for the last few years. PSN id: gardini51...

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    PlayStation Vue is on Roku Now!

    in Sony Discussion on 23 June 2016

    I've been looking at switching to Vue, but my one hesitation is because of my data cap with my internet provider. For the people who use Vue, how much data do you use and about how many hours of watching is that?...

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    Amazon lists its top games of 2013, puts most on sale

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2014

    Hmmm. 1% off does not indicate a sale to me, personally....

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    PS4: The Ultimate FAQ North America

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2013

    ethomaz said: HDD - For these are thinking SSD like me the PS4 needs at least 160GB models. What type of hard drive does PS4 use?PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB. So the hard drive is no thicker than the PS3 then? I though...

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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2013

    I really need to get back to gaming. I think it has been almost 3 weeks since I picked up my controller to play. Bad part is that I keep adding games to my collection to play, the deals from the recent sale on PSN was too good to pass up on some games that I didn't have. I should be able to play some this week (hopefully). I'm still working on Saints Row 3. ...

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    [FAKE] PS Saudi Arabia "Ready For October" Video, Playstation 4 to launch October 21st-27th week

    in Sony Discussion on 13 August 2013

    That would be sooner than I thought it was going to launch and some of the rumors on the internet....

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    Mexican cartels hiring US soldiers as hit men - Or how Mexican Cartels did what Obama never could

    in Politics Discussion on 01 August 2013

    ListerOfSmeg said: nuckles87 said: spurgeonryan said:I blame him for not doig anything worth while in his second term. Some would say first as well. Kind of hard for a president to get anything done when he has a Republican controlled House that refuses to do ANYTHING that might make him look good. A president doesn't make the laws, he signs them, and he's already...

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    Mass Effect 2 is selling out

    in Sony Discussion on 24 January 2011

    I will say that in my town the Best Buy and Walmart are sold out of them. With mainly only Kmart having copies left..(Which almost always has extra copies of every game)....

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    Oh my god, the selective service system sent me a registration letter

    in General Discussion on 15 January 2011

    Well I sure hope you people who won't register don't  ever want to apply for student loans for college, a Federal Job, or in some states apply for a drivers license. As registering is a requirement for all those things. In my state (Iowa) to get a license it was mandatory to register. So be careful to what states you move to later in life. ...

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    What is the best new Sony ip created this gen?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 January 2011

    Uncharted by far. ...

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    Texan declared innocent after 30 years in prison

    in General Discussion on 04 January 2011

    jonager said: won't he get at least some cash? Did you not read the article? Under Texas compensation laws for the wrongly imprisoned, Dupree is eligible for $80,000 for each year he was behind bars, plus a lifetime annuity. He could receive $2.4 million in a lump sum that is not subject to federal income tax....

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    VGC Sony Users *2010 Edition*

    in Sony Discussion on 08 November 2010

    I am a PS3 and PSP user. ...

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    The Tea Party - how frightening is this movement?

    in General Discussion on 30 October 2010

    The thing that bugs me about some of these people is the fact that they keep complaining that the Government is spending way too much money and the fact that the stimulus was a waste of money. All of the people that I know that complain about the stimulus money spent it right away. If they really thought it was a bad idea they should have shipped the checks right back to the Treasury. And when in...

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    selling my ps3, what would be a fair price?

    in Sony Discussion on 16 October 2010

    I just sold my backwards compatible 80GB for $400. Paid for a brand new 320GB move bundle and I would rather have the new one with the move instead of the old one. ...

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    Sony EXCLUSIVES To Watch Out For This Fall...Which Ones Are You Gettin

    in Sony Discussion on 31 August 2010

    Definitely getting GT5, might even pre-order the collector's edition from Amazon. I think I might pick up Sly also even though I had picked up all three of them last year used for the PS2, but havent really played them yet. Already have Heavy Rain and do not plan on picking up move this fall. ...

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