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Forums - Sales Discussion - May 2016 NPD Thread! Hardware and software numbers up!

I'm interested to see the performance of the Wii U released games in May.

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I forgot NPD was today. Really interested in seeing how well UC4 did in retail.


Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million.

That time again. Come on Aqua give us some good info!

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Overwatch numbers



[PS4] 185K
[XB1] 128K
[3DS] 70K
[WIU] 25K

1) Uncharted 4: A thief's end (PS4)
2) DOOM (PS4; XBO; PC)
3) OverWatch (PS4; XBO; PC)
4) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4; XBO; 360; PS3; PC)
5) The Division (PS4; XBO; PC)
6) Minecraft (360; XBO; PS4; PS3; PC)
7) Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
8) NBA 2K16 (PS4; XBO; 360; PS3; PC)
9) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (XBO; PS4; 360; PS3; PC)
10) MLB16: The show (PS4; PS3)

• Uncharted 4 will sell over 1 million [retail]
• DOOM will sell over 500,000 [retail] (PS4: 57%; XBO 43%)
• OverWatch will sell over 250,000 [retail] (PS4: 50%; XBO: 40%; PC 10%)
• Battleborne will sell over 80,000 [retail] (PS4: 54%; XBO 46%)

Intrinsic said:
GribbleGrunger said:
I give up with numbers because I always get them wrong.

PS4 won.


Teeqoz said:
UC4 better be over 1 million.

Lets hope so.......

its pretty much a given.  It will probably top Halo 5, granted Halo 5 had much less time during the month.