Forums - Nintendo Discussion - After the disclosure of Sun and Moon legendaries, which version will you pick? Maybe both?

Which version are you going to purchase?

SUN 44 44.00%
MOON 36 36.00%
BOTH 20 20.00%

Both, but Moon for first place through! And choosing Rowlet :)

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I was all in favor of moon's a lion! what can you say? Gotta go with sun now.

Definitely gonna get Moon.

I am not a fan of either of the legendaries design wise, so that won't be a factor for me.

Moon. I like a lot that bat thing. The Sun one seems a bit unoriginal.

I have no idea...I'm so split right now!

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Not enough info. I make the decision after i know wich pokemon are exclusive to each version.

But aside from that, i am liking the Sun version, but its not like i would be sad with the Moon one. It will depend on the rest of the pokemon.

I think they're both ugly...So I guess I'm getting Sun.

I love the moon legendary. Not a huge fan of the sun legendary. Moon was my first pick anyways.

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I'll be getting both on release day. Get the Fire starter on Sun, use Moon to trade the other two starters.

spemanig said:
Sun, but I don't really give a shit about the legendaries. My friend is getting moon, so I'm getting sun.

I'm getting moon and  my cousin gets sun, so we follow a similar pattern with you guys! Although my cuz ends up buying the second version too and enrages me lol!