Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Did Splatoon have any effect your decision to buy a Wii U or pique an interest in the NX?

I already had a Wii U. Splatoon is fun, but I haven't really got into it. The kids have played it a lot, although currently, one of them is playing Mario 64 to death on the Wii U virtual console and the other is playing FIFA to death on the PS4. Happily, the Gamepad means they can do this simultaneously.

I have no idea what will tempt me into getting an NX, because I still don't know what form it will take. If it were a home console, then probably the next Mario Kart would tempt me, but the NX had better still have the off-screen play feature like the Wii U, or there won't be happy pandas in our house.

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I bought my Wii U in 2013.... So no impact, but now I'm gonna have to buy the NX when Splatoon 2 comes out :/


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I already had decided to buy a Wii U before Splatoon was shown. I'd say I wanted to try XCX, but then lost interest in the game after playing a couple of hours of the first one.

I already had a Wii U at that time! But I think the NEW IP did brought some light into the NX!

There are many things they need to improve and I can't wait for what else they can introduce in the series!

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No, Splatoon is lame. Fingers crossed for Splatoon 2, though.

Well, this is new.


It didn't influence my purchase. I didn't even think I would buy it. But I picked it up just to see what it was about and wound up liking it a lot. So it didn't influence my decision to buy (XCX, Wind Waker HD, Smash, Kart, and Fast Racing Neo alreay had me sold) but it does have my interest piqued for where this will go on NX.

No, I got my Wii U December 2013 and I wanted it because of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and the announcement of SMT X FE.


but it is one my all time favorite games ever. It's amazing.

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I already had a Wii U, but Splatoon would have def been a game I would be interested in buying the Wii U for. It was sooo fresh xD



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Nope, I bought the WiiU because of MK8. Though Splatoon is a great and fun game!