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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Did Splatoon have any effect your decision to buy a Wii U or pique an interest in the NX?

I bought my Wii U prior to E3 2014, so no.

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I already had a WiiU however Spla2n is a big selling point for me on NX.
Not only that but I want Nintendo to give more of their unknowns a chance at new IPs going forward.

Wright said:

No, not really. Tried the game at a friend's house, and while it is good, it doesn't entice me to buy a whole system. I'm more interested in getting a WiiU for Fatal Frame 5, TW101, Devil's Third, XCX and Lost Reavers, to be honest.

@OP: Bought Wii U at launch and will most likely do the same with NX, Splatoon notwithstanding. That said, Splatoon is one of the freshest and most enjoyable shooters of this generation, and proof that Nintendo and its partners can master pretty much any genre - which is a good sign for NX.

Nintendo's amazing E3 2014 was what convinced me to buy a Wii U and Splatoon's announcement did get me excited, so I guess Splatoon was part of the reason why I ended up getting a Wii U. Although, I would've bought one anyways by the time Smash had come out.

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Not at all. The gam does not appeal to me at all.
Now, will buy the NX no matter what :) I always buy all Nintendo systems. I love Mario and Zelda too much !

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Yes, it did! I was not keen on getting the Wii U just yet, but I decided to buy it when Splatoon released. I never imagined Splatoon to be as sucessful as it ended up being, so I was sure the online would be dead in a few months after release. I was really captivated by what I saw of the game, so I finally made up my mind to snatch a Wii U and a copy of Splatoon last May, so I wouldn't miss the chance of playing it online.

splatoon 1 for nx launch
splatoon 2 for nx 2018 pls

So thats like 2 outta what 15 people? that said yes.

Veknoid_Outcast said:


Luke888 said:
Not at all, when Splatoon was announced I found it interesting but when the actualy hype started building around it in 2015 the NX was already announced so I already made my decision of skipping on Wii U, still I'm looking forward to whatever Splatoon-related content on NX wether it's a port or Spla2n, I can see it becoming my 3rd/4th favourite series...

That was my original plan to skip to the NX but I gave in :P