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    < lo.oks updated his status:

    'cause I slay

    < lo.oks updated his status:

    Why do I keep getting addicted to 40+ hour long JRPGs? Give me my life back, SMT IV.

    That reminds me... I haven't finished SMT Nocturne yet. :p

    on 02 February 2016

    I haven't played that one yet! It's supposed to be one of the best in the series, but I'm not sure I want to commit to playing another SMT game already.

    on 03 February 2016

    < Alex_The_Hedgehog posted something on lo.oks's wall:

    Seja bem-vindo ao site, cara!

    Obrigado! :)

    on 27 January 2016

    < LipeJJ posted something on lo.oks's wall:

    e aí? blz? :)

    Tudo e você? Os gringos não reclamam se a gente escreve em português por aqui?
    E essa foto aí - tá fazendo a linha fofinho com o gatinho na mão? Haha

    on 26 January 2016

    Nah, eles não ligam... se for aqui ou em PMs, claro. Btw, acentuação eh toda bugada aqui.

    Sim, fazendo a linha fofinha, porque tava rolando uns "elogios" estranhos quando eu usava foto sem camisa. :P Teve um que me chamou de slut ate kkkkk

    on 26 January 2016

    Pelo visto eles arrumaram um jeito de desestimular o uso de outras linguas por aqui lol.
    E foto sem camisa? Ta achando que isso aqui é aplicativo de sacanagem, rapaz? Brinks.
    Eu ficaria tenso usando uma foto propria, mas mais por ser adEvogado, considerando que o pessoal da area juridica eh bem conservador em certas questoes

    on 26 January 2016

    desde que comecei a usar fotos aqui um pessoal se animou e comecou tbm

    mas vc ta certo, sendo advogado o melhor é se manter recatado.

    on 26 January 2016

    < spurgeonryan posted something on lo.oks's wall:

    Hi, creepy avatar. Happy late welcome to the site!

    Thank you!
    I would still say my avatar is less creepy than yours!
    Just kidding hehe :P

    on 26 January 2016

    lol, I guess I never looked at it that way.

    on 26 January 2016

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    Did Splatoon have any effect your decision to buy a Wii U or pique an interest in the NX?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2016

    Yes, it did! I was not keen on getting the Wii U just yet, but I decided to buy it when Splatoon released. I never imagined Splatoon to be as sucessful as it ended up being, so I was sure the online would be dead in a few months after release. I was really captivated by what I saw of the game, so I finally made up my mind to snatch a Wii U and a copy of Splatoon last May, so I wouldn't miss the...

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    Spla200n launch NX window vs Wii U port

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    I'm not sure. I think Nintendo needs a solid multiplayer-focused title for the NX launch, but they won't have a new Splatoon, Smash Bros or Mario Kart game ready for launch. Which is why they might port one or two of these titles from the Wii U....

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    Zelda NX extraordinary impact in the gaming industry- Poll

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2016

    We have too little gameplay footage to affirm whether it will be good, bad, or otherwise....


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    Zodiac sign: Libra

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    - A Link to the Past.
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    About Me: NNID: lo.oks
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