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How do we stop them?

Buy Xbones 2 10.53%
Buy NX 4 21.05%
Buy Vitas (this'll piss them off for sure) 8 42.11%
Burn Sony HQ 2 10.53%
It's too late... 3 15.79%

Now that Sony is winning again, they've gone back to old habits. 

They keep delaying all their interesting games

They're forcing pointless hardware upgrades for hundreds of dollars

They're bullying developers by forcing them to make NEO modes

They've given up on cross-buy

And worst of all they keep abusing Matrix references!


How do we stop them.



Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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By purchasing

tons of NXs!

I wouldn't say they're arrogant right now


The Sony today is far better than the Sony of the past. I'm sure they've learnt from their mistakes, if not they will crumble.

When can I buy a PS4.5?

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I am by no means a big Sony fan, but I disagree quite vehemently with the over-exaggeration by people lately. Sony today is nowhere near Sony pre-PS3. I am actually interested in the hardware upgrade as a person who has not yet, but plans to buy a PS4. Early adopters have to realize that they will always get the short-end of the stick, it is the premium they pay to have the platform first thing. The same thing is true for games. I play multiplats on PC and can wait until enough exclusives release on PS4 to justify a purchase (like I did with the Wii U.) I don't see how they're bullying developers. If developers want to just release their games on the XBONE and PC they are free to do so. Obviously this isn't as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Developers will likely spend a few weeks upgrading the regular PS4 version to a moderately optimized PS4 Neo version. The hardware isn't that vastly different.

Before pointing out that each and everyone of these points is wrong I need to ask

- Is this actually a serious post, or a joke I'm not getting?

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Not a single one of those things are confirmed...

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mutantsushi said:
When can I buy a PS4.5?


The other options aren't quite an alternative to the PS4 though but I assume we're not to take this thread seriously ...