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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn Delayed to Early 2017 According to Insider

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That is a good decision. They seem to be running away from FFXV, and its for the best. A new IP needs to launch in a window where there isn't something detracting atention from it.
With that said, they should aim for a month thats not mass effect's. 

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gooch_destroyer said:
Did anyone expect it to make this year?

Looks like Horizon and Scalebound are gonna set it off.

I actually did considering it's been in development for 4 years already. I have a feeling they delayed the game for polishing reason. I bet it's almost done.

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This is the game that I'm most looking forward to.

Too bad that it's delayed.

Hopefully TLG launches this year, if true. Sony might have another holiday season without any exclusives releasing.

Id probably still have been playing FF15 so im glad. Plus I don't know if I like this game yet.

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While this is not confirmed, and I hope it's not true, I remember a few people in the delay thread scoffing at the idea that I could believe that this game could be delayed till 2017.
If this gen has taught us anything, it's to never beleive a release date till the title is in your hands. I have a feeling gears of war might be next

That sucks. Pretty much the only thing I loved from Sonys last E3 that seemed like it had any shot of releasing this year.

Doesn't phase me.

Not like I'd have time for it this year.

I'm ok with that, my PS4 already has a huge backlog.

Seriously? I usually like Q1 of each year as it allows me to catch up on stuff and take my time with new releases now its getting fairly stacked already :S