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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners; is Wii U your only gaming platform?



Yes 76 18.54%
No, I have a 3DS/PS4/Xbox/PC/etc 334 81.46%

For those of you who have a Wii U, is it currently the only gaming platform you own, or do you also have a 3DS, a PS4, an Xbox One, a gaming PC, etc?

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3DS and PC sometimes ( mostly 3rd party )

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3DS + PC (can only run less graphically intensive games)

I feel sorry for anyone that said yes, lol. Go out in the ocean sometime.

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Nope, I have a competent PC and a 3DS too, I have access to 99% of the best games today.

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Got a 3DS, competent PC, and a PS4. Wii U is a really excellent supplemental system for all he quality exclusives but the PC and PS4 fill in the extensive gaps.

No, I'd be missing out on other masterpieces if it was. :)

Hellz no. A One and PC too.

Nope, I have a 3DS and a good laptop too (For the kinds of games I play at least, mostly indies/classic games).

3DS and PC are my other platforms.

I also have a PS4, but I haven't used it a whole lot. Hopefully, that will change by the time FFVII Remake comes out.