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Forums - Sony Discussion - Star Ocean 5 is a less than 20 hour jrpg MORE proof, Amazon japan users complaining

Long length and boring story segments that should probably be side quests are actually one of the most common weaknesses in my experience of RPGS.

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teigaga said:
Long length and boring story segments that should probably be side quests are actually one of the most common weaknesses in my experience of RPGS.

RPG gamers these days just don't get this.  Pacing and density>>length and space. By space I mean open world aspects.  Just becuase it isn't big in scope doesn't mean it doesn't feel big.  Likewise because it is big doesn't mean it's not shallow.  Chrono Cross had a fairly small sized open world, but it was dense as a game could get that took into account both an involving story and rich gameplay.

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Short, but sweet. As long as there are side things that make up for it, that is more then fine.

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Aeolus451 said:
It's difficult to trust that bit of info. Star Ocean games have never been that short. It most likely has 40 to 100 hours of gameplay if you do most of everything.

The first game is quite short though.

I recall I finished it in 20 hours in my first play through.

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Fine! Talel of games are always a bit to long


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Xxain said:
Aeolus451 said:

Forever games? You have a weird sense of time. I can understand that some of us just don't have the time or patience to play a normal length rpg but don't act like shorter is better. Everyone basically has less content to play and then the game is over that much quicker.  

Let's say you take out the base building, side quests and put a level cap on character levels in Fallout 4. The game will a lot shorter because it has less content.

For the witcher 3, if we took out monster hunting and the side quests. It's alot shorter game because it would have less content. 

Not in this reality or in any other, does shorter = better with video games. 

Im not saying Shorter is better either, though that could be argued. Just that being short should not automatically be detriment to a any game based off some supposed standard vs what the actual games delivers in that 20 hours.  

If the game can be beaten in 20 hrs or less but a normal playthrough is 40 to 100 hours of gameplay/content, I'm fine with it. It's not much different than a Elder scrolls game. You can beat the game very quickly if you wanted to skip everything but the main story but it can hundreds of hours of gameplay from the rest majority of the game.

If everything in the game can be done in about 20 hours of gameplay for a rpg, I would have a big problem with it.

As someone who spent quite a lot of time playing SO3 and is 120+ hours in Fallout 4 and Disgaea 5, this sounds disappointing. Still I have ROTK XIII the week after SOV so plenty of time will be spent on that game instead xD.

Considering some of my favorite RPGs are relatively short, this seems like a non-issue.

If it has sidequests for at least a 10 hours plus, 20 hours with great pacing on the main story should be plenty.
JRPGs needs a good story, 20 hours is enough for a good presentation of a decently big story, throw half of that plus to please some grind addicts and it's fine xD

Hmm... i have trouble believing it. I will wait to see if reviews confirm that info.