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Forums - Music Discussion - Traveling Europe, Need Driving Songs.

So coming in a few months I'll have a rare opportunity to travel through Europe for a whole whopping 2 years. I have my car getting imported there and will be driving quite a lot cross country....rather continent...and alone. So now I'm gonna need some good music to drive that's exactly what I'm looking for. Driving music.
I was contemplating posting in the Indie section since that's what i mainly listen to however, I do like some songs out of that genre and figured why not be open to a few other suggestions as well.
So what's my idea of driving music? Something I can kick back in the car and just let the mind go a little numb, usually with a darker tone and a nice picked guitar riff to carry me through the night. Something i can put my foot out the window and just relax to I'll give a few suggestions as even I have difficulty trying to explain what I mean through that.

AA Bondy - Twist
Starflyer 59 - Softness Goodness
Iggy Pop - The Passenger 

Also I do plan on having a romp on the autobahn and do a few laps on the Nurburging so some heavier songs in the same vein would be awesome....anyway if someone has some good suggestions or just wants to share there favorite song to drive to I'd be happy to hear it and discover some new music.

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You need some Bob. This one is pretty chill and relaxing:

Pink floyd high hopes, but personally  i would pick out alot of video games songs xD because i love listening to them. Like After Burner Climax remix

Mystro-Sama said:
You need some Bob. This one is pretty chill and relaxing:

Hahaha classic. i was expecting Bob Dylan with that response, but that threw me a curve.

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I have fond memory of long driving session with some Red Hot Chili Pepper, especially One Hot Minute and Aeroplane.

Now if you like synthwave, 

Carpenter Brut :

Perturbator :

Dan Terminus :


And you definitely need some Turbo Killer with that Nurburgring : 

Killy_Vorkosigan said:

And you definitely need some Turbo Killer with that Nurburgring : 

That does seem like a good fit for a bit of a lap. I've spent the past 3 years building up my R32 GT-R to be around 750hp and it will be complete by the end of next month (as long as my damn debit card company gets my replacement card to me in time) I never thought i would actually have the chance to take it on the Nurburgring.

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If you go in France :

Where you need to go because it's dope as fuck :
- Pont de Normandie :
- Viaduc de Millau :
- Presqu'ile de Quiberon :
- Obviously South of France especially Camargue.

Avoid at all cost :
- Paris, cause it's worst than your worst nightmare to drive in. Unless you really want bragging rights on the avenue des champs elysées.
- Marseille. Nuff said !

Have a lot of fun !


EDIT : Just read your profile, didnot knew you were from Japan. I've been dreaming to go to Japan since forever ! Hajimemashite !  You'll find that France is the second manga market after japan ^^

My favorite driving song. It's different from the music you posted but it's really chill :)

Or this one for sunset


Driving with this is addictive... Hope your onboard sound system is good, SoulSamurai !