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So coming in a few months I'll have a rare opportunity to travel through Europe for a whole whopping 2 years. I have my car getting imported there and will be driving quite a lot cross country....rather continent...and alone. So now I'm gonna need some good music to drive that's exactly what I'm looking for. Driving music.
I was contemplating posting in the Indie section since that's what i mainly listen to however, I do like some songs out of that genre and figured why not be open to a few other suggestions as well.
So what's my idea of driving music? Something I can kick back in the car and just let the mind go a little numb, usually with a darker tone and a nice picked guitar riff to carry me through the night. Something i can put my foot out the window and just relax to I'll give a few suggestions as even I have difficulty trying to explain what I mean through that.

AA Bondy - Twist
Starflyer 59 - Softness Goodness
Iggy Pop - The Passenger 

Also I do plan on having a romp on the autobahn and do a few laps on the Nurburging so some heavier songs in the same vein would be awesome....anyway if someone has some good suggestions or just wants to share there favorite song to drive to I'd be happy to hear it and discover some new music.

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