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Finally one person got it right @Onyxmeth

People within the niche can give 10/10 but
professional critics need to remaind judgemental refferencing the big picture.

As for myself, no I have games that come close running in my mind but no.
Asteroids (PC)
Bearth of Fire 3 (PSX)
Z:OoT (N64)
Super Street Fighter 2 (SNES)
Super Mario World (SNES)
Pokemon (Red/Blue) (GB)
Smash Bros Series (N64/GC/Wii)
Zone of the Enders 2nd runner (PS2)
Phantasy Star Online (DC/GC (**Episode 1 & 2 +) )
Diablo 2 (PC)
Warcraft 3 (PC)
Ragnarok Online (PC)
*1999*Graal (PC)
Nothing on the PS3 as of yet
Not including xbox360 as I don't have one.

For the record these are all games I think comes close to a 10/10.

Also not bashing PS3 just saying nothing is a 9 yet that I've played to the point where I feel as if I can judge it.

I have CoD 4 it's a solid game but nothing to write home about. Unreal 3 is a genrous 6/10, in fact the only game pushing 8's to me was Folk Lore.

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Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Halo 3

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I would ten a lot of games. Because 10 means being in the Top 10% of all games. If you have 1-100 one in hundred games should have a 100.
You also get As in class after all.

Yes so that means PS2 had tuns of 10 worthy games Kyros because regardless of quadranted qualities within each game their a 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 or a 1 for just being there.

OMG how could I not see it before, so that would mean Wii has tuns of games that are 10/10 wow, just wow.

All I'm asking is that you clarify you meant to say "to me a 10 means [your definition here" and to reverberate what I just said, your basically saying in your opinion, in your world, in your mind and/or by your definition.

LOL j/k j/k - I do wish that was true though, cause if it was I could of passed my classes just by being there instead of working.

wait wtf are you saying if you have 1 - 100 how can you ten any more games than 1 in a life time... or by your other context 10 games should be within the top 10... unless your going into negatives... in which case that's just cheating... same applies to fractions.

In the end please explain what you just posted because you lost me at "hello".

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I would have given Melee a 10 at the time, but that would have gone down to 9 now, Brawl earns a 10 now.

Crono Trigger would have gotten a 10, and I think it honestly would have kept it to this very day. It's not easy to make a game in which time travel plays such a huge role believable, yet it managed it and then made it fun and engaging too. Plus, even with the sprites they had, they managed to emote better than most games and even live acting today.

No More Heroes could possibly rank a 10, but it's just so short that I'd almost have to drop it down to a 9.

DDR Max could probably have gotten a 10, it was just on the cusp where the arrow animation was nice and smooth, but they didn't start going overboard with all the extra features that only end up as distractions. I also feel the series is personally responsible for breaking the concept that it couldn't be profitable to have a game that focuses on a completely custom controller.

Portal could rank a 10, but again it suffers from being short, so it could be extremely tenuous, and I have the feeling TF2 could rank similarly, but I haven't played it yet.

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I would give a game a 10 as a reviewer... but to do so it would have to do something groundbreaking and basically unimaginable. It'd have to be a good game with some sort of gameplay mechanics or style or character completely unseen.

It'd have to bring something new, it couldn't be something so easy as being bigger then any other game, since another game could be even bigger.

To get a perfect score from me you'd need to bring in something new because otherwise something else can always get better.  You need to basically score extra credit and bring some points from off the board.