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Hi all, happy Sunday! Abbath must be slacking off to have not covered this

After a lot of back and forth whether (Midtown) Manhattan will be The Division’s only borough to explore or other locations like Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island will be part of the game, it was now confirmed in an interview between Creative Director Magnus Jansén and the Examiner that the game will only take place in Manhattan and won’t cover other areas at launch.

The reasons for that are more than understandable as they have put all their effort into Midtown Manhattan and the way the game is narrated, although we have already seen numerous of gameplay footages (like the 2013 trailer) located in Brooklyn, which in our opinion looked more than finished.

For Tom Clancy’s The Division we are going with Midtown Manhattan. It is because of the 1 to 1 re-creation and the way the pandemic has [happened]. Basically, everything has been hit and there are no more resources because everyone tried to get out. There is no more gasoline in the cars, there is no traffic, you’re on foot.

With the level of detail we have, doing Midtown Manhattan is a huge open-world experience and more than enough to sink your teeth into. It is a very sizable open-world game.Magnus Jansén, Creative Director

Nevertheless this doesn’t mean that it will never happen. The possibility is still there that one or more of the other four boroughs of NYC could be added through either the Season Pass or a DLC, however if the game world offers that density of missions and verticality we have seen in the latest videos, there will be more than enough things to explore.

Final Map Size

Also the more or less final map size has been revealed in one of Open World Games’ videos yesterday, which is also commented by Magnus Jansén.

What you guys here have seen today is pretty much the extent of the open world of our game: Magnus Jansén, Creative Director

The map is separated into multiple districts whereas each one has a Safe House which can be unlocked to support the Joint Task Force activity in the area and enable fast-travel between these locations. Also the Dark Zone is divided into 6 different sections, depending on your character’s level. Almost a third of the whole map is Dark Zone. 

Keep in mind though that the previous information can still be changed.

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So more unfinished games for full price.

gonna be hard to find the repetitive street plan of manhattan interesting... hopefully the map is dense if not that large. Also would be interested in any info on how many enter-able buildings there are.

Another game that i'll be skipping for a few months.

Take this with a grain of salt - as to be honest I haven't followed this development too closely - but here's where I stand considering the following:
-The game was delayed twice (?)
-Parts of the game that were previously shown in trailers will not be in the game at launch. Post-launch DLC has not been ruled out.
-Ubisoft has a poor track record when it comes to the state of games at launch; over the past few years.
Therefore - to say the least - I am a tad cautious on whether or not I will buy this game.

I still think it's a cool concept and has a lot of potential for fun game nights with friends, but I really wish the situation was different.

Does this sound like another Destiny situation to anyone else? To me it fits it almost to a tee

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The reveal trailer was awesome. I was really excited about this one, but I need to learn a very important lesson: Ubisoft always downgrades their games. I can't remember their last game I've bought.

Will the other areas be free expansions or paid dlc? For this kind of online game to thrive it needs to be free. Quick buck or longetivity. You decide Ubisoft.

eh not a big deal for me.

The Beta will be really telling for this game. However I have hopes for this, as I love rich RPG shooter based game.


Not really suprising. Just Ubisoft being Ubisoft.

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