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Forums - Music Discussion - David Bowie is Dead @ 69 y/o. RIP

Didnt get to enjoy him until just recently.


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He was an absolute genius, and had exquisite artistic integrity overall.

zorg1000 said:
Deeeeznuuuts said:
Such sad news, two music icons gone already and we're only 10 days into 2016


I must have missed it, who was the first?


My bad man, really thought lemmy died in 2016 and not the 28th, ah well, small error, still a shame about these two music legends.





One of the last true music legends. Very sad. Listening to his new album now - it's brilliant

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Goodnight sweet Sovereign leader.

First me lose Lemmy and now Bowie, I don't think I'm ready to lose all the greats so soon.

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Sad panda...he was really great.

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This was one of the saddest bits of news I had to wake up to in some many years, gets to die at 69 tho, even in his death there is sexual innuendo. I was going to say his greatest hits were going into my phones playlist.... but their already there.

One thing that made it a bit less sour tho

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At least he had a long life. Many musicians it seems do not get a chance to.

Rod stewart, Aerosmith lead and Rolling Stones lead have had long lives as well. Hell! Even Ozzy some how survived past 25 years of age.

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