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Nintendo is going to try to dominate every single age group this generation, that includes the people who normally play M rated games. They're doing too well to try to avoid the largest section of the market. I would like to note that most of the people who play M-rated games also like Zelda, Mario, and Smash Bros. Red Steel sold almost as well as Resistance despite being complete garbage. They may appeal to a broader audience but the fact that over twice as many people have Wiis as the PS3 mean there are still more people playing the Wii who are about the same age group as the PS3. There will most likely be a large selection of M-rated games by 3rd parties by the end of 2008 in addition to a large number of games designed to appeal to the young and the old.

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BTW, I forgot to mention most romantic comedies are rated PG or higher. I don't think they were specifically made with children in mind. Just think of the masturbation-hairgel incident from Something About Mary. Not kid-friendly.

What Fishy is getting at is that Nintendo isnt ONLY for kids. Sony and MS fanboys (Sony in particular on this forum) pull out the 'Nintendo only makes kiddy stuff' whenever the big N does well. Its annoying because it implies that adults arent able to have fun on their games as well. Of course Nintendo does aim for the younger market more than MS or Sony, but this time around they are aiming for the older non gaming market as well, so saying their games are for kids is actually completely untrue.

So Nintendo makers of kiddie and old people games? Yes, completely debunked the myth....

Those games sound like stuff my grandmother would play.


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Why should that bother you at all though? Again we're looking at that hangup that adults aren't supposed to enjoy the things kids can enjoy. I refer to Disney movies again...if you're a couple that goes out and watches Disney movies, then you're going out to watch a cartoon. There are some people out there who will look down on you for watching cartoons, but who the eff cares what they think? Life is too short for that. You, however, should be totally at ease with yourself in the fact that you are indeed watching a cartoon as an adult. Videogaming used to have this stigma as well, though not as much today.

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JSF said:
Also, I cannot believe a series like Pokemon is *not* targeted at children first and foremost.

Yeah, but you're the one bringing Pokemon up. FishyJoe talked about Brain Training, English Training, Big Brain Academy and puzzles (or board games) - I imagine Sudoku games and stuff.

JSF said:
Just think of the masturbation-hairgel incident from Something About Mary. Not kid-friendly.

Well that movie is rated 12-16 in most of Europe. Curiously Zelda TP is 12 too, so certainly not kid-friendly as well.

JSF said:
Why should that bother you at all though?

Because I think most adults don't really like being called "kiddy" by 15 year-olds - it's annoying.

Reality has a Nintendo bias.

It's like the Shrek movies, looks like it's aimed at kids but has a lot of adult appeal (adult jokes)

Yeah, bottom line? Many kids can play a DS, but so can adults. I hung out with 7 of my friends last night, we're ages 19-24, and 5 of us (3 guys, two girls) had DS Lites, playing Pokemon, Puzzle Quest, Elite Beat, while watching the season finale of The Office. Good times. And so yeah, not just kids play Nintendo games.

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KruzeS said:

Because I think most adults don't really like being called "kiddy" by 15 year-olds - it's annoying.

But the adults aren't being called kiddie. The material is.  Whether that is considered offensive or not is something in your own mind.  If you let it bother you, it will.