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cheshirescat said:
Liberals, conservatives, religious zealots, arrogant atheists, limp wristed agnostics, gay people whose entire personality is simply the fact that they are gay, strippers who say they're only doing it to put themselves through college it's totally not that meth addiction, soccer moms, your mom, people who watch twitch/youtube streamers, people that watch the big bang theory, the guy that created the laugh track, those whole-foods-gluten-free-granola-eating-ipa-swilling-carbon-offset-buying hippies, peta, the vast majority of cougars, modern so called third wave feminists, 'nice guys' who whine about not being able to get a girl, girls who whine about there being no 'nice guys', non-Japanese sushi/hibachi chefs, 99.9~% of artists including poets and musicians, people that prefer cats over dogs, fans of the sports teams that I don't support, foot and/or armpit fetishists, Canadians, white people that appropriate the pent up outrage of other peoples because they have nothing that they can rightly rebel against aka social justice warriors, bullies, people in the campaign against bullies (we need some level of bullying), gold digging whores, people that say wrestling is fake as though the fans have no idea of that fact, the people that came up with the autism spectrum because at this point it's just an excuse as to why your kid isn't special, people that say 'if it's more than a handful it's a waste' when it comes to large breasts, the nobel prize for literature and peace committees, existentialists I mean it's the teenage drama phase of philosophy. I could go on, but I have to go.

This is very much hate-able. I'm with you, dude.






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The worst people are those who spread lies about you. I can see the inner struggle in my new friends when someone evil has been saying things about me. I had to do a lot of damage control.

Random people asking me for money or time or cigarettes.
Especially if they have some greater cause. Bonus points if it has to do with ecology.

Honestly I hate arrogant people. People who think they're better than everyone else for no particular reason.

I also absolutely loathe people who don't understand/don't try to understand mental illness. Like people who laugh off issues such as anxiety and depression as character flaws rather than genuine problems. Those kinds of people need thrown under a hundred buses.


Yes, and his name is Rol.

But as far as the professor problem, I learned in college that sometimes you just need to show them exactly what they want, even if you have your own style. I had this one professor who basically went through some reading and told us what they meant. When it came time for the term paper, I wanted to give my own interpretation and he completely underscored me because he disagreed.

Sometimes you just gotta regurgitate what the prof is saying cuz they think they are word of god or something.

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sethnintendo said:
spemanig said:
Nah. I pretty much like everyone. People try too hard to dislike people.

I find it easy to dislike people, but I like most people when I talk to them.

I'm kinda the same, (over?)sympathetic - I find it very hard to hate someone if I really try to understand the situation and the motifs.

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Ohh there was this programming professor that I had this semester.

He puts his expectations way too high for his students. So he ended up giving us a massive project that he thought was easy. Ended up being a 50 - 75 hour project as it required material that are out of the scope of the course itself... hence external research was required.

Long story short, the project took up a lot of my time. I had to sacrifice alot of time from other papers. (hence my performance suffered greatly from other papers aswell). And I subsequently built up a lot of tension between me and my flatmates (because I wasnt home enough.. leaving at 8am to go to University and coming home at an average of 11:00pm doing the project)

After all this, he left the last two weeks of the course on a holiday or something. Which is when we all needed him the most. We had a test and a project due but he left us all to rot. Not that he was any good at teaching anyway. He would talk very VERY quickly and bombard us power point slides like there was no tomorrow.

Alot of people failed the project becuase he didnt take in to account that different text programmes in linux handles endlines. So while they would work on gedit for example, they wouldnt work in geany.

Thanks professor for single-handedly lowering my fucking gpa by nearly TWO fucking grade boundaries compared to my last three semesters.