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I've been a member for a pretty long time yet I took almost a year long break. Coming back, I have some new perspectives.


Practically everyone here acts like a fanboy... yet the users here aren't fanboys. I see them post on other forums and they're fine, and I see them post in console specific threads and they're fine. Something here is actively making people act like fanboys.


Pretty sure it's because people always assume other members are fanboys. IE somebody says something negative about Halo 5, but obviously they're a fanboy and just trolling. So halo fans respond assuming they're fanboys and thus act like fanboys themselves. IDK but it's extremely obvious there's a problem here.


Do the mods have any plans to fix this?



Please don't ban me mods. I really have no clue if you've outlawed discussions like this.

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Not really so sure. To be a big fan of something and defend it when others criticize it, I understand, but to dump on other games or consoles you have little interest in? I'm not so sure...



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It's like rol said, this place brings out the worst of everyone ...

Until everyone here gets permabanned or this site shuts down very soon nothing will get solved ...

Tighter rules and banning doesn't do much when it came to discouraging the members from continuing bad behaviour ...

I gathered nothing from the OP. o.o

Practically everyone? I disagree with your generalization.

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It's because ioi left. Without his presence, everyone's inner fanboyism is growing too powerful to control. Soon everyone will be consumed by the negativity of the console wars. Leave while you still can!

Hey feller, I havent posted here for a very VERY long time. But as soon as you brought this up, I knew I just had to post here

In all honesty I thought it was worse during the 360 v Ps3 days. You should be thankful that Ps4 is dominating the market. Less fanboy wars I reckon.

Fanboyism is a natural thing. A person wants to ''defend' what they have. Or rather show that they have dominance.

So dont fret mah bro


pokoko said:
Practically everyone? I disagree with your generalization.

Let's face it, how many of us here would actually consider themselves non-partisan or impartial ?

A lot of people here make haughty comments, even if somewhat untrue to reality. Just because they saw another guy from the opposing side do the same thing.

Ex: "MS fans thought Forza 6 would sell 4m."
"Sony fans thought Halo 5 would only sell 2m LTD"
"Nintendo fans thought Wii U would sell 80m LTD"

When its all just generalizing, and all the extreme comments should not be taken seriously unless they come true. ( A la Tbone and Splatoon)

It's like being a sports fan.
It's OK there but not in games?