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Forums - Sales Discussion - The OFFICIAL Apr 2007 NPD Thread

DanAmrich said:
Mr. Sega said:
Elite is sold out.
Do we have any idea how many actual Elite units were shipped and/or sold?


There's a lot of discussion around different forums saying that in the last week, when the Elite was released, it sold about 67k. No official word though.

But, the weekly data for VGCharts is superbly better this time around, and last week of April NPD numbers (May 6th) shows about 63k 360's sold, which indicates that the 67k may be close to correct. I haven't seen any Elite's on shelves yet, and they are sold out online at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart (even with the ridiculous bundle).

But I think you can get a bundle from, if you're willing to spend over 600 on it. 

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