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Certainly opens up supermassive continuing to work with sony on similar style adventure games

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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
I thought this game was gonna get slayed by the critics, glad i was wrong and i'll probably pick it up now.

I had faith.  going to pick up my midnight copy tonight!

I always thought it looked decent-good but i let other peoples opinions sway my own.

based on what I saw it seemed like horror Heavy Rain.  That's pretty much what it is but smoother and with even more choice.  Definitely has some great replay value and I KNOW I'll be going somewhere to play through on Halloween with some people.  Can't wait to try it again but unfortunately I work at 7:30 EST so not gonna get any more in tonight.

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I think we should wait for the sales of this game before seeing if it'll be made into a "franchise".

Probably, if the sales are as good as the reviews.

The game turned out to be the biggest surprise of the year. No one expected the good reviews from the critics. I don't think we'll have a 2nd one, but more like another game with the same concept.

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