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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that Satoru Iwata (RIP) has passed away, what do you think will change at Nintendo?

We still don't know where Nintendo will be heading for , but replacing CEO will not just directly overturn the tide of Nintendo situations, The CEO must gain a trust, from all the share holder, and also changing or re infrastructure the whole Nintendo Organization should be follow when they replacing with the new guy and it will take some time. I hope they will be ready before the NX release.

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Nothing will change cause all the people in the higher positons were put there by him

Woah I've really been out of the loop. What horrible news! This really came out of the blue...he will be sorely missed.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Nothing will change because the people with power at Nintendo all shared Iwata's vision for the future, and Iwata wasn't some King sitting on high, his decisions were and are made with discussion and consent with the other controlling heads of the company. What is a real loss, here, is that Iwata was a rare breed of person: good hearted, earnest, and he came from a background that few can claim in this day and age. He had insights usually not beholden to your normal CEO.

This is a Japanese company. Not an American one.

Iwata's road map for the future of Nintendo is set for a long time to come.

Hopefully share holders push the new leader to the absolute limit and Nintendo approaches mobile with full force.

A proper full Pokemon game on Android or iOS would be much appreciated.

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BMaker11 said:

They'll get with the times. Relationships with 3rd parties will become more abundant, they'll realize online gaming is a big part of consoles, and they may even put use a non-proprietary medium for their next console (as in, they'll use bluray)

Why does Nintendo NEED to be like the other two consoles, why? Why can't Nintendo cater to kids and family. I understand you havee grown up but that doesn't me Nintendo needs to. They need to keep gaming alive buy bringing in new kids. I'm sorry you want Nintendo to grow up but you have PC, Xbox,PS to play and please do so

Too soon.

Dunno. The real heart of Nintendo is still there: Shiggy.

So while is upsetting and things definitely will change at Nintendo, most of Nintendo's missions will stay on track with Reggie and Shiggy present.

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i wanted him to leave the company for a long while. i certainly didnt want his way to leave the company to be like this. i was honestly shocked when i read the news when i woke. so RIP iwata.

however due to the circumstances i dont think the change of CEO will mean a change of strategy and the companies mentality. who ever it will be, he/she will most likely follow in the same footsteps of iwata, instead of bringing the much needed change the company needs.

Come on guys, lock this one for a day. Thus is really not done. He probably made plans together with Nintendo for when this would happen so this speculation is pointless.