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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Source: NX "Is Definitely Not Aiming To Compete With PS4 On Horsepower"

gabzjmm23 said:
Problem with his source is - if he able to predict those PS4 game collection he is a Playstation insider or someone who has an insider for PS. Now on Nintendo's side, he should also has an insider for Nintendo to begin with.

I still don't get those insider info and what would they get? Just prestige that they got the leak first and press would pay them $$$? Or bragging rights 'I'll told yah!'

If Nintendo isn't competitive enough to get 3rd party support next gen. Sales may be below WiiU if they couldn't sell their gimmick. And the next generation gamers are really into great graphics with powerful specs. Not saying all but most...

Nintendo still has a slice of the market share but it is really the core Nintendo gamers who love their IPs. There would be a few new ones or parents who like Nintendo consoles but end of the day a modern gamer needs those 3rd party games in an on par version with the other consoles.

Still ain't buying that source info though.

Dude has leaked several unreleased Nintendo projects before.

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After second look, he was intentionally vague about whether it was a handheld work.
There is still hope.

I'd love to play versions of Nintendo classic games and IP on modern hardware but it seems Nintendo isn't interested in that. They still seem obsessed with selling weak hardware at inflated prices. At this point it just feels Nintendo are going to have back to back failure and probably leave the home console market to concentrate only on handhelds and other areas.

Nintendo need to realise the casual game market is absolutely saturated by phones, set top boxes, tablets, android dongles etc. That market is best avoided if possible.

I can see any low spec console being emulated on PC quite easily so for the few games worth playing it might be easier to run an emulator anyway.

Really curious to see what Nintendo come up with but have a strong feeling it won't be anything I'd want to buy.

Its a bummer but if its low end hardware where I don't even get a chance of getting the AAA 3rd party games then I'll probably pass on it. 3DS games isn't worth that much to me.

Personally, I think Nintendo should ride the Wii U till next gen. They are making a profit. I really do think the U could last that long. Providing they make the games. That way they keep credibility with the gaming community. Especially Nintendo fans who already have one. Will it start selling like gangbusters? No but they can wait to next gen and put out a console that's comparable to the competition. I say at least wait until 2018 before the NX release.

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Ka-pi96 said:
The more rumours I hear about NX the worse it sounds.

Lets hope the rumours STAY as rumours 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Nintendo haven't competed with anyone with power in a while now, doesn't mean the hardware won't be comparable to the competition it just means it won't be the main selling point they focus on.

All these rumors sound like speculation that any one on this board could do without ever having spoken a word to someone at Nintendo or even one of their next door neighbors. Sounds like guess work based off of what Nintendo has done in the past and how much they usually like to spend.

Quite possible some of it will hit the mark because Nintendo like most companies rarely go outside of their own norm, especially when they don't have to which is the case for Nintendo right now because they made so much money in the past and despite not having the success of last generation, they are still doing well enough to survive. But I will believe it when I actually see it.

I mean for all we know, the NX is a handheld and console hybrid or Nintendo's version of the 32X add-on. We get vague statements but won't know anything until they start talking about it next year.

Likely a handheld which streams to the TV, then.

Oh well. Might still check it out if it has BC.

Edit - BC to both the 3DS/DS and the Wii-U/Wii ecosystems, that is. Count the TV and the two screens will be there for the handhelds and the Wii-U.






So, it seems I was right. +1 Ego points.

I'm now filled with determination.