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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Excite Truck 2 on the way

From Official Nintendo Magazine Spain:

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ExciteTruck 2 online? Sweeeeeeeeeet.

Or check out my new webcomic:

are you sure that this has nothing to do with the rumour we heard some weeks ago and which were denyied by monster games finally?

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Haven't played the first one yet but if this is online I'm definitely in. Online without voice chat = heaven.

should i translate it for yourselves? spanish is my first lang.



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Yes narj, yes.

Yes please...

I think this is what you're thinking of, nintendo_fanboy: What ioi has posted might be more official, since it's in a magazine. But who knows.

-6 players online

- you can use mii´s in this game

-8 stages(one in the moon, it has less gravity i think)

 -2 new tricks.

-you win excite points to upgrade your car

sry i could only translate the firts pic. i cant read what the other ones say lol



yea but the thing is, i thought this was just a rumor and later denied by nintendo..

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