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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Excite Truck 2 on the way

I thought it was one of the funnerest launch games on the Wii. How can a fun game be crappy? I don't get it. "Man, that roller coaster was fun, but it sure was crappy." Does that sentence make any sense? Crappy games are not fun, they are just crappy. Super Mario Bros. looks crappy by today's standards, but it's damn funner than a lot of the games today. There are also pretty games out there that are no fun to play at all, which makes them crappy. I thought the graphics were good. It wasn't Motorstorm, but Motorstorm doesn't come close to going that fast. Hope this post doesn't give you a heart attack stof.

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Excite Truck was the most fun I've had in a racing game in years, if you exclude the Mario Kart series. :)

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you know, if you just stick a sony sticker on the game, and call it Sony Wii Excite Truck. it would becomes "funner" and not crappy. /sarcasm

stof said:
albionus said:
Cool, I can kill two birds with one post, ahem, I thought Excite Truck was an awesome game and found it more funner than most games of the last year.



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