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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 vs. XBO: Official Exclusives Thread


Who has the better line-up in 2015

Playstation 4 653 71.92%
Xbox One 255 28.08%
iceland said:

lol seriously? That sounds awful

It's 'exclusive' so I don't see anything funny about it.


The PS5 Exists. 

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iceland said:
GribbleGrunger said:
LordLichtenstein said:
Goddamn, it takes up a lot of time making these lists... 2013 & 2014 will be out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Perhaps include 3rd party games with exclusive content too?

lol seriously? That sounds awful

He was joking :)

Easy choice.. Just PS4's October alone is enough to give the victory. And there's still the possibility of Persona 5 and Nep Nep in November.

Mike_L said:

He was joking :)

Thanks for that! I could have gotten some mileage out of it ...


The PS5 Exists. 

I didn't realize the difference was this big. It seems like Xbox release schedule is pretty much empty except for the holidays.

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S.T.A.G.E. said:

Hah...hands down Microsoft has won 2015 with the bigger titles under their belt. Sony can name a thousand titles but unless they are on level with the AAA's MS is giving then well sorry but the hype was lost. Mid tier titles are great and we all play them, but its the AAA's that generally are the banner carriers for the year. The mid teir games have to be goty level to be considered a talking point when it comes to winning the year. Regardless its all opinion, but I say 2015 and 2014 both went to Xbox, but again...i've always said Sony starts slow because once their first party ramps up Microsoft cannot follow them on that front.

Really? Bloodborne, the order 1886, until dawn and mlb 15 are AAA. And so are tropico 5, dragonquest heroes and nobunagas ambitions imo

Doesn't matter how long the lists are, if the one game you truly want is on the shorter list, then that's going to be your winner.

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MikeRox said:
Doesn't matter how long the lists are, if the one game you truly want is on the shorter list, then that's going to be your winner.

I completely agree, but the bigger the list the more likely the games people will like will be on that list ... hence, much higher sales of that console. This is why the whole debate about whether games are uninteresting is bogus when people talk about sales. For some odd reason people think 'those wouldn't sell me a console' without any sense of perspective at all, which then leads to 'so they won't sell a console to anyone else', without any understanding of subjectivity.

Bigger choice = bigger audience. It really is very simple to understand.


The PS5 Exists. 

All in all, this at least confirms I made the right choice going PS4. The One's release schedule is a little barebones, although they will definitely be winning August with both Gears and the Rare Replay coming. So far, both seem to be lacking in end year exclusive releases, so we'll just have to see what's coming our way at that point when the time comes (if anything besides the more usual multiplats and Fallout 4). October could go to the One in terms of software sales figures just due to the fact that Halo is Halo, but the PS4 has a pretty strong month there with Uncharted, new Tales, Disgaea, and Dragon Quest Heroes all in the same month. Granted, everything but Uncharted qualifies as niche in that list, but put a lot of niche together and you get a reasonable amount of success.


ethomaz said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Sony is going to win in this based off of sheer popularity, but the GOTY contenders are mainly in Microsofts hands this year.

Which are these GOTY contenters?

Bloodborne? Sony first-party.
The Witcher 3? Multiplatform.
Batman? Multiplatform.
Shovel Knight? Multiplatform.
Pillars of Eternity? PC.

I don't see any yet.

Forza 6? I'm sure it won't be GOTY content like any Forza was before.
Halo 5? Well it have a shot but looking to the previous title I guess it won't.

So which are these GOTY content?

It is all talk until now because MS didn't showed any GOTY content since Xbone launch...

I was looking and found that the top Xbone exclusive is Sunset Overdrive with 81 meta.

You forgot Persona 5 !!!

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