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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hilarious Reaction of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue 3 Announcement

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OP: add this one too!


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GrandMasterFF4life said:
lindau said:
so much cringe

they act like they won the superbowl.
it is a game announcement form a x years old titel

Cute - The same was happening at the MS Show with Halo,Forza and Gears...Just lame old games and next year...excitement....the same 3 games again ;)

I pretty much started to shake with TLG,started to cry with FF7 and lost it completely with Shenmue 3
I came back to my senses once Uncharted 4 showed how amazing Naughty Gods are again.

i just heard the same "yeah screams" and stuff like that.

but nothing like this freaking out.
do you know something? can you show me something?

getting nuts over suff we already know, would be weird, too

but yeah. gamers.... the male version of the "little screaming girls on boygroup concerts"
nothing more to say

drdante said:
OP: add this one too!

Ok thanks i will add it. 

My reaction aswell. I was like: No... it can't be... No... this is happening.... this is really happening... OMG!

They know what's up!

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These were a joy to watch. I appreciate the linking.

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And snuggle the girls be they short or tall,
Then follow young Mat whenever he calls,
To dance with Jak o' the Shadows."

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Please watch these Gametrailers guys, they are funny, they are like us. This is how gaming press should be and not like the idiots at kotaku that start trash talking and being assholes after sony press, the dude from kotaku that was in youtube stream was a complete idiot,, said conference was a B lol, geoff had that look on his face wanting to punch him xD


1st vid
Her reaction to those guys' reaction was priceless.


2nd vid
Sounded like he died at the "Remake" part. haha. Was he crying?


3rd vid
It was funny.


4th vid
"Sony wins"


5th vid
Was that a squeel that he made?


6th vid
"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god"


7th vid
The shenmue craziness begins

Haha those GT guys. Loved 'em.






Remember everyone hateing on S E for trolling us with a FF7 port... and everyone was like? bish please....
Why you even up there on the stage?

Fast forwards to E3..... FF7 trailer...... *mind blown gif insert here*