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Think about it, Nintendo has spent many years plagued with a "kiddie" image, now is their opportunity to shed it. How you may ask? Simple, get HATRED on the WiiU. This is the most controversial game of the year due to it's dark graphic content. By putting such a controversial adult game on the WiiU, nobody will ever accuse Nintendo of being too kiddy. They should take it one step further and moneyhat Hatred 2. 

I think this is a phenomenal idea.


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Nah the game is pretty mediocre. It's not really worth the time and money.

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TheVoraciousFox said:

Nah the game is pretty mediocre. It's not really worth the time and money.

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Not worth the controversy.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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No horror/mature game has ever changed that image in the past and no future game will do that either. The problem is not the games it's the gamers themselves

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You are a genius. I'll vote for you in the next presidental election.

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Wii U could become the exclusive home to GTA, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, and Hatred, and it would still be viewed as a kiddy console. Perception is something that is almost impossible to shake and Nintendo has the kiddy image.

Do you want to kill whatever sales they have left? >.

The kiddie image sold a lot of consoles, especially during the Wii era. It's not just a liability.