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Do you keep your game cases/boxes?

Of course I do! 116 92.80%
No... 4 3.20%
#digitalonlymasterrace 5 4.00%
xl-klaudkil said:

Wow realy?! Hahaha good job trying to divert the subject from gaming to theatre.


You know a lamborgini is more impressive that digital and theatre junk.

What are you even talking about? How is building a theatre room diverting the subject from gaming? You'd use that theatre room to play games better. And watch movies. And do everything else you could in a decked out theatre room. Do you even know what a theatre room is?

Well, this is new.


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Definitely keep my cases. Not sure why anybody would throw them away.

Tagging.. I should have cases even from cheap chinese pirated GBA games and pirated PS1 games.. The boxart was always a bit off compared to the real deal..


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Years ago when moving to a new home I threw away the cases to all my N64, Game Boy, Color and Advance games and I regret that so much x{

Now I keep everything.

If second hand shops are anything to go by I'm the only guy in Spain who kept the cases of his Maga Drive games.

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Ryudo said:

This, i think the name steam fits valves platform very well

spemanig said:
Ryudo said:

Right, because we buy games to impress people. I'd rather not need to dedicate an entire room to gaming junk.

Also, it's not impressive. You know what's impressive? The fully decked out theatre room that could have been there instead if all those games were digital and in one box.

Yeah preseving culture is junk.

I still have my Vita and PS4 boxes.

I keep them. How else would you store the discs?

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I always keep them

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