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Forums - Sales Discussion - Vgchartz!!! ioi deceived us, hardware up to May 16th is up!!!!!!! Check weekly hardware comparison to see all updated weeks

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Lol anyways, Wii U being sub 30k is disappointing but expected at this point. Wii U release schedule has been dry as a bone until Splatoon.

Rest of the sales are pretty mediocre as well, but PS4 hitting that 50% mark is pretty amazing.

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Updated with global software

WOW!!!! Nice Mario Party Legs!

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So, for the week ending Apr 4th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 70k (~40%)

One up by about 20k (~30%)

Wii U up by about 2k (~7%)

3DS up by about 19k (~18%)


Week ending Apr 11th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 45k (~30%)

One up by about 22k (~36%)

Wii U up by 3k (~13%)

3DS up by about 9k (~9%)


Week ending Apr 18th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 22k (~15%)

One up by about 36k (~65%)

Wii U more or less flat yoy

3DS down about 4k (~4%)


Week ending Apr 25th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 33k (~23%)

One up by about 38k (~75%)

Wii U up by about 3k (~11%)

3DS down by about 19k (~16%)


Week ending May 2nd, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 24k (~17%)

One up by about 35k (~80%)

Wii U up by about 18k (~65%)

3DS down by about 23k (~20%)


Week ending May 9th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 9k (~6-7%)

One up by about 29k (~75%)

Wii U up by about 5k (~17%)

3DS down by about 17k (~15%)


Week ending May 16th, compared to last year:

PS4 up by about 7k (~5%)

One up by about 28k (~78%)

Wii U up by about 1.5k (~5%)

3DS down by about 16k (~15%)


Seems like a clear trend, One is by far seeing the most growth but has a long way to go, 3DS had a spike like I thought it would and is now on the continued downwards trend globally, also like I said it would.
Wii U showing small growth overall but this is right around the time when MK8 released last year so we'll likely see heavy downwards trending yoy for all of summer, even more than the 3DS.

PS4 showing some growth somewhere along the average for normal growth in the second CY, or somewhat below, still nice when viewed in context with the relative lack of big releases and still no price cut, but the One also has had no big releases and the price cut is getting old. Sony will probably have to take action before next year starts if they want to keep growing decently for 2016, I don't see Nintendo being able to do anything with their downwards trends for both handheld and home console and I don't think they really care since I believe both the 3DS and Wii U will get their successor next holiday season.

All in all; there is decent overall growth in the home console market, despite the One's huge percentages, the actual figures are still way below the 7th gen since both the One and especially the Wii U are moving slowly and the handheld curve is ridiculous in comparison over a similar time frame.
I would say that the industry is doing "okay", no less and certainly no more.


That is a lot of hardware sales all at once. Going to be interesting trying to catch up with sales articles. Expect monthly sales articles for April to start later today or this weekend.

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Carl2291 said:

AbbathTheGrim said:

Yeah, Brett's situation was the reason for the delays in the charts and thanks to him we have the new updates and we were all here saying ioi this and ioi that.

I don't know about the staff but to me this situation brought into realization something about how much charts rely on a single person and I would think that the guys behind this website may have realized that having more than one person in charge of the charts or some backup or something is in order.

I mean (may it never happen right) if something ever happens to Brett and he cannot update charts then VGChartz will be pretty much screwed. We never know what could happen, I mean, maybe Brett could be in California when the prophecy of the devine earthquake happens or something, hopefully not.

Trust me, we notice it too. When you remove the sales data from a website that is built around sales data, all you have is "just another forum" on the Internet. Even though the numbers come under fire, and at times for good reason, they are good for what are which is an estimation.

VGChartz has a unique pull that a lot of other websites simply do not have. We lose that pull and we lose our dedicated userbase, we lose that pull and we lose any real influx of sustained future membership. It reaaaaaaally makes me wish that Brett had a "2nd in command" who he could trust enough to handle the sales data.


Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Nice to see most things up over last year at least. Good analysis Mummels!

Niceeeee! Great to have "da chartz" back up. Wii U doing terrible and X1 back to early 2014 figures(circa 60k...).

welcome back! litlle more late and the cospirasy about MS PAY for stoping sales numbers was close to real lol



Garsp, numbers, and here I thought sales data was Left 4 Dead.

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