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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - should i play twilight princess on wii u?

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I only played it on Gamecube so I don't know how well the motion controls hold up. The GC version was fantastic, though. Graphics were touted as among the GC's best at the time but look like poop, now. However, once you get into the game, how it looks won't matter. That's how Zelda games are.

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I would play it, i actually have my original Wii edition still sealed. And i have to play it still. But the Wii U does display the Wii games much better then the Wii. Mainly because modern TV's use cheap analogue convertors as manufactures seem to assume everything we are using is a HDMI source. OK my TV is much smaller then your 50inch , only 28inch. But i find the Wii games look a lot better on Wii U through HDMI. but obviously they are only probably displaying at 480p at best.

I sometimes use a Projector with my Wii U , giving me a display of 80inches diagonal. ,but i have to change the settings to 480p to display Wii mode games , and back to 1080p for Wii U content because in 1080p through component the Wii games look stripey.

So it must be even in Wii Mode the Wii U only outputs 480p max. but i still think they look better then using a Wii hooked up to a TV. The Wii really needs a analogue CRT TV .

I have been playing Conduit, Tournament of Legends,Cursed Mountain in Wii mode on ii U lately and think they look fine. I take it your Wii U is hooked up via HDMI and not component. As i find my Analogue lead consoles like Dreamcast,Wii ,Saturn look a little washed out on my newer LED TV's . But on my slightly older larger LCD they look crisp. Mainly because in the early days of LCD they still used quality analogue convertors in the TV's .but now they use cheap converters to save money, like my LG.

Now if your using HDMI on your Wii U, you could try a component cable for playing Wii games ,just hook up the analogue lead to Wii U using the component socket on your TV. Switch the source from HDMI to Component on the gamepad and be sure to set it to 480p s this is Wii games max output.. You just switch between the two inputs to play Wii U or Wii games.

It's what i do between my projector and TV ,both leads are connected to the Wii U and i just switch on the gamepad to where i want the signal to go.

Hope this is some help.


I thought it was OK, but downloading Mario Galaxy 2 and going back to playing that after getting used to HD Nintendo games like 3D World and Mario Kart 8 ... was kind of like a bucket of cold water thrown down on you.

It was definitely a "oh ... yeah ... now I remember why I'm happy we're past the SD era" type moment.

You could wait for a possible HD remake, or you could play the Gamecube version, since the Wii version is mirrored (everything is reversed. Towns that should be on the west side of the map are on the east, etc) to make Link right handed instead of left handed.

I'm sure TP isn't getting remastered anytime soon, if anything, It'll be on the next home console.

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TP HD rushed out to market for this holiday might fill a bit of a hole for Nintendo. Who knows.

Don't see why not so if you can, go for it!

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I doubt they'll do a Twilight remaster by itself, only as part of a big Zelda collection. If it isn't announced this E3 then it won't happen, at least not on the Wii U.

So my advice is wait til june, if no Zelda collection/Twilight HD remaster then don't bother waiting any further. You'll soon get over the visual shortfalls and it enjoy it was new. At 480p it won't look terrible (depending on far you sit :p)

It may not be practical for you, but IMO the best way to play it is on GameCube. It was designed for that controller and I preferred it to the Wii Version....

Nogamez said:

OK so here's the deal I'm currently about to finish windwaker HD and a link between worlds (both great games) but I really wanna start twilight princess next but those fuzzy graphics on my 50inch TV put me off a little, main thing I'm worried about tho is are ninty gonna release it in HD on Wii u? What do you guys think? I mean that would be 4 Zelda game remade which seems overkill to me.

So what do you think should I play it now or wait for a possible HD version?


There zero chance that Nintendo will release some Wii HD games on Wii U because of backward compatibility and because are games from just previous generation, expect that, we already saw 3 Zelda remakes this gen.

Probably we will see Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword remastered on next gen, if you can't wait that long, play TP Wii version now.