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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U Owners! What Are Your Top 10 Most Played Games/Apps on the System?

I play a lot... but the best feature is the internet browser :P

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Excluding my Internet Browser, which is at 1945:10 (About half of which is my sister) mine are

1: Hyrule Warriors: 136:23
2: Smash U: 124:16
3: Nintendo Land: 121:27
4: Mario Bros. U: 108:07
5: Balloon Fight: 78:49
6: 3D World: 61:05
7: Mario Kart 8: 39:27
8: Pikmin 3: 34:31
9: Fire Emblem: 33:49
10 :F-Zero: 27:14

There are 2 here that really surprise me. Hyrule Warriors, because I didn't get that when it came out, I got it last month, so in one month it jumped to my most played game. And Balloon Fight, which I apparently played a lot more than I thought I did when it was either that or Nintendo Land.

Smeags said:

So I just finished The Swapper (very fun, albeit short, puzzle platformer game. If you're into mind bending puzzles and an awesome atmosphere, give it a shot!), and I was curious to see how many hours I played (it was six). That got me thinking, what are my most played games and apps on the system?

The way to find out the total playtime per game is to go to the Daily Log app and then pick on the individual game icon. It's easier to go through if you have the games by month instead of day.

So what are your most played games and apps?

1. Netflix (653:38)
2. Internet Browser (113:33)
3. Miiverse (56:26)
4. Hyrule Warriors (49:39)
5. Mario Kart 8 (34:22)
6. Super Smash Bros. For Wii U (32:42)
7. Child of Light (30:22)
8. New Super Mario Bros. U (27:47)
9. Batman: Arkham Origins (23:59)
10. Super Mario 3D World (22:05)

That top 3.

Lemmie check. 

1. Netflix 3696:50 (didn't have TV for about a year lol... Aparently my wife watches LOTS of TV! OMG!) 

2. SSB 156:25

3. Internet Browser 93.58

4. Black Ops II 76:10

5. Miiverse 51:57

6. Hyrule Warriors 50:58

7. Splinter Cell Blacklist 35:21

8. Batman Arkham City 34:30

9. eShop 34:03

10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 26:19

 Honorable Mention - AC IV Black Flag 25:46


Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 239:28
Zen Pinball 231:41
Netflix 213:10
Internetbrowser 204:26
Miiverse 155:33
Hyrule Warriors 127:30
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 101:47
eShop 57:48
ZombiU 52:01
Unepic 35:34

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slab_of_bacon said:
starcraft said:

I don't own a Wii U. So that I am clear, does that mean you've played over 768 hours of Mass Effect 3?

Respect sir!

Where's my love for the 1183?

With numbers that high, I don't know that I have enough love to go around

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