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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So what happened with Zelda Twilight Princess on the N3DS?

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Give it another year. They won't do it before Zelda WIi U, that would be Zelda overkill.

In terms of remakes, I'm more looking for potential Mario Sunshine personally

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Dude, Majora's Mask is like a week old

I wont it on my wii u cos its not had a new game in a while

I never even heard of that rumour.

I think if they were going to remake it, though, they'd want it in HD, whether that means Wii U or the next generation of handhelds.

I think its more probable that it would come to the Wii U as a remaster.

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I don't see it happening this gen. We've already had 3 Zelda remakes this gen. Even if it would happen this gen, it would be on Wii U, as Wind Waker and TP run on the same engine. Gen.

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Wait, there was a Twilight Princess rumor?

I certainly wasn't aware of it.

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I think it'll probably be on the wii us successor.

I've heard of speculation and wishful thinking but no concrete rumor or anything.

It is doubtful it would be on the 3DS however since by now Nintendo is probably putting the final decision into what makes up the 3DS' successor and given how beautiful Wind Waker HD turned out, they could probably milk the idea of TP getting the HD treatment.

n3ds cant handle tp

next nintendo hh it will happen

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