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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So what happened with Zelda Twilight Princess on the N3DS?

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I hope it doesn't exist...

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False imo as I don't think a TP remake could even be done on 3DS which is around GC level of power which take into account TP is a GC game. Xenoblade had to be reduced and requires the newer model to run on the platform and that's just a port, if anything TP is most likely to be remade for the 3DS' successor. TP along with SS were also partially remade by the Zelda team for the U to test out HD development, WW got the nod as a remake instead as it benefited the most from being remade at the time and wasn't a recent release.

It was a rumor, but I think TP HD will be a launch title for the next Nintendo console

Ahhh that's good idea, but not now. :S

Please, no more Zelda remakes for 3DS. Twilight Princess 3D would be a downgrade rather than an upgrade anyhow.

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Could the N3DS even handle Zelda TP??

Can't see Twilight Princess coming to 3DS. Either really late during the WiiU life cycle or next gen.


Guitarguy said:
Could the N3DS even handle Zelda TP??

If it could handle Xenoblade, I think with a few graphical sacrifices, it could handle Twilight Princess. But the question becomes, why would they do it and not just wait for the next Nintendo handheld or hopefully successful console hardware, where the release of such could give the hardware a welcome boost to help adoption rates. TP won't likely increase people picking up the 3DS any more then the previous two Zelda remakes and the original Zelda game it got that harkened to a older time while introducing newer elements. Nintendo does remakes all the time, but they are all about getting the most impact from each one to increase hardware sales, at this point the 3DS release of another Zelda remake/port isn't going to help it even on the NEW 3DS.